Privatklinik Siloah

Dr. med. Anthony Ghaffari

Consultant physician in neurosurgery, member of FMH

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Privatklinik Siloah
Worbstrasse 316
3073 Gümligen

Work Experience

since 2016

Neurosurgery practice at Privatklinik Bethanien

2015 - 2016

Assistant Medical Director neurosurgery, neurosurgery practice, Bern, CH

2012 - 2015

Assistant Medical Director, Department of Orthopaedics, Cantonal Hospital Olten, CH

2009 - 2011

Assistant doctor in neurosurgery, Head Clinic, University of Heidelberg, D

2003 - 2009

Assistant doctor in neurosurgery, University Hospital Basel, CH

1997 - 2003

Various research projects


Swiss Medical Association, FMH

Swiss Society for Interventional Pain Management, SSIPM



Certificate in Interventional Pain Therapy


Principles of Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS), Barcelona, S


Title of consultant physician in neurosurgery


Certificate in Basic International Spine Course, Alicante, S


Certificate in Microsurgery, University Hospital Basel, CH


United States Medical Licensing Exam, state examination M.D., USA

2002 - 2003

Post-doctoral research, neuro-oncology University Hospital Basel, CH

1998 - 2002

University of Sydney, School of Medicine, M.B.B.S. state examination, Sydney, AUS


Clinical cardiology rotation, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical System, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Clinical rotation in cardiovascular medicine, Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale Arizona, USA
Further training, neurosurgery, University of Texas, Dallas, USA

1991 - 1992

Georgetown University, studies in human physiology, Washington D.C., USA, University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA; Bachelor of Science in Biology

1986 - 1987

Community College of Baltimore, USA; further training in general science


  • Evaluation, clarification and assessment of spinal disorders
  • Diagnosis based on evaluation of various imaging procedures (X-ray. MRI, CT, SPECT, PET)
  • Conservative treatments, including interventional pain therapy
  • Operative treatment of degenerative and traumatic spinal conditions
  • Operative treatment of tumours on the spinal cord or metastasizing tumours
  • Decompression procedures in cases of disc prolapses, spinal stenosis and recidivist pathology
  • Surgical treatment of infections
  • Stabilizing treatments in cases of spondylolisthesis, whether degenerative or congenital
  • Stablizing procedures in cases of traumatic injury
  • Operative treatment of scoliotic and kyphotic curvature of the spine
  • Therapies designed to stabilize ostioporotic curvature of the spine; vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty cementing of screws
  • Second and expert opinions

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