The Polyclinic at Clinique de Genolier offers outpatient services by appointment in a facility that is adapted to suit your needs.

The Polyclinic offers:

  • Specialised consultations: Anaesthetists, surgeons, specialist doctors
  • Prescription treatments: injections, infusions and vaccines
  • Treatment of chronic medical conditions: Crohn’s disease, anaemia, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, polyarthritis
  • Pulmonology: spirometry tests, pulse oximetry tests
  • Patient blood management: preoperative iron transfusions
  • Respiratory tests: plethysmography
  • Cardiology: exercise tests, electrocardiograms, ultrasound, 24-hour ECG Holter monitoring, 7-day R-test
  • Blood, urine and bacteriological tests
  • Spinal tap, pleural tap and bone marrow aspiration

Thanks to its dedicated team, the Polyclinic offers prompt, high-quality care to all patients over the age of 16, regardless of their insurance cover.

Wound Care Centre



Clinique de Genolier has its own Wound Care Centre. This specialist consultation enables us to optimise outpatient care for patients suffering from all types of wounds (vascular wounds, diabetics, pressure ulcers, etc.).

A local and global assessment is carried out to provide a diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan. This may significantly reduce the duration of treatment.

Beyond the wound itself, this assessment can help to identify more general problems, such as venous insufficiency, high blood pressure, etc.

At Clinique de Genolier, the Wound Care Centre is staffed by a specialist nurse. Within the Polyclinic, work is carried out in close collaboration with a range of medical and paramedical staff, such as angiologists, podiatrists, dermatologists, etc.

Patients are placed at the centre of a high-performance care network at the cutting edge of today’s medicine.

Contact us

Kelly Duarte Almeida

Wound Care Nurse  

+41 (0)79 639 98 96

For patients who do not have Swiss insurance cover

You can get in touch with our international coordination department

Coordination médicale internationale

+41 22 366 94 28



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