Dialysis centre

Haemodialysis is the most important treatment method for patients with kidney failure or renal insufficiency. Privatklinik Lindberg offers this treatment for patients of all insurance classes.

The dialysis ward is state-of-the-art and offers an atmosphere of well-being and relaxation; the fast and secure internet connection and good mobile phone reception allow patients to do office work during treatment, for example.

Dialysis and kidney practice at the Lindberg

In one of the most beautiful dialysis wards in Switzerland, Privatklinik Lindberg offers patients of all insurance classes eight comfortable treatment places with the most modern dialysis machines.

With us you are in the best of hands. Our experienced specialist staff will look after you at the highest medical level. You can relax in the pleasantly designed dialysis ward with plenty of privacy. The rooms have a south-facing window front and, in addition to plenty of daylight, finely coordinated colours and materials that create a unique and appealing atmosphere.

A fast and secure internet connection is available so that time can be used individually during dialysis - be it for office work or entertainment, for example.


Nephrology consultation services

  • Clarification of acute and chronic kidney function disorders
  • Optimisation of secondary diseases in renal insufficiency
  • Diagnosis and treatment of protein and/or blood loss in the urine
  • Counselling in congenital or hereditary kidney diseases
  • Preparation and follow-up of kidney transplantation
  • Diagnosis of the cause of frequent kidney stones
  • Dialysis preparation
  • Shunt consultation
  • Clarification of possible causes of high blood pressure
  • Recommendations for the therapy of difficult-to-control hypertensive diseases according to current guidelines of the medical societies
  • Advice on lifestyle optimisation in hypertension and kidney diseases
  • Specific counselling for hypertension during pregnancy
  • Specific ultrasound examination of the kidneys including their blood flow (colour-coded Doppler sonography of own and transplanted kidneys)
  • Sonography of the complete abdominal cavity, thyroid and parathyroid glands as well as dialysis accesses (shunt duplex, shunt mapping, peritoneal dialysis catheter tunnel)
  • Extended special diagnostics with blood and urine tests for kidney and blood pressure disorders
  • Consultative care of inpatients at the Privatklinik Lindberg

Dialysis services

  • Haemodialysis and haemodiafiltration in fullcare and selfcare procedures
  • All types of peritoneal dialysis and home haemodialysis including training and home support
  • LDL apheresis/plasma separation/immune absorption on request
  • (Pre-)evening dialyses according to requirements
  • Holiday dialyses


Dialysis centre
Schickstrasse 11
8400 Winterthur

+41 52 266 18 50



Doctors of this centre

Privatklinik Belair

Dipl. Arzt Örs Sajthy

Nephrology, Internal medicine
Privatklinik Lindberg

Dr. med. Ulrich Egermann

Internal medicine