Key figures



Eminently qualified specialists from every branch of medicine are available for our patients.

Liaison and cooperation between multiregional and interregional centres of excellence guarantee an exchange of know-how and continuous improvement in our expertise.

Our top priority is the all-round well-being of the individual patient.

Their suggestions play a role in decision-making and there is a constant and active exchange of opinions and know-how.



Expectant mothers place their trust in the all-round care offered in our clinics as well as during pregnancy, delivery and after the birth.

Our teams do everything possible to make the most beautiful moment a pleasant and carefree experience.

Thanks to 24-hour service with non-stop monitoring, speedy reaction times are guaranteed.



Swiss Medical Network, one of Switzerland’s two leading private clinic groups, runs 22 clinics and has close links with two others.

Swiss Medical Network is based in Switzerland’s three main language regions – from Geneva to Winterthur and from Basel to Lugano. Doctors and nursing teams with first-class qualifications look after patients both from Switzerland and abroad.

The clinic group and our network of doctors are subject to on-going expansion.

By working with interdisciplinary teams, we guarantee the best possible treatment. Our expertise and medical specializations are continuously updated and expanded.

Each clinic has one or several of its own medical specialist areas.



Our employees from a wide range of professions (nursing, technology, hotel services, administration) are sensitive to our patients’ every need.

Our care and nursing staff work closely together to offer our patients an environment in which they feel comfortable.



Our outstanding, state-of-the-art medical infrastructure complies with the highest quality standards.

Our rooms and suites offer patients maximum comfort standards to make their stay in hospital as pleasant as possible.

Our first-class hotel service and standards leave nothing to be desired.


Surgical procedures

All procedures follow a thorough examination and, where necessary, the involvement of other specialists.

Operations are carried out to the highest possible quality standards under the strictest hygienic conditions.

Round-the-clock care ensures that we can cater to our patients’ every need and that they always feel they are in safe hands.