Dr méd. Rolf Kellenberger

Spécialiste en chirurgie orthopédique et traumatologie de l'appareil locomoteur

Work experience

B.M. Wroblewski, Center for Hip Surgery, Wrightington, GB 
G.A. Gie,RSM Ling, Prinzess Elisabeth, Exeter, GB 
D.Murray, Oxford University, Oxford, GB
M.K. Drabu, East Surrey Hospital, Redhill, GB 
Hodginson, Ancoats Hospital, Manchester, GB
I. Stockley, Sheffield, GB
S.Young, South Warwickshire Hospital, Warwick, GB 
R. Ganz, Inselspital University Bern, CH 
R.D. Scott, Th. Thornhill, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA 
C. Ranawat, E. Salvati, HSS, New York NY, USA
N.Scott, Insall Scott Kelly Institute Hospital, New York NY, USA 
W.G. Paprosky, Central du Page Hospital, Chicago, USA 
D.S. Hungerford, John Hopkins University, Baltimore USA 
R.A. Mann, Oakland, CA, USA
P. Chambat, Clinique Emilie de Vialar, Lyon, F
M. Bercovy, Clinique Geoffroy St.Hilaire, Paris, F 
E.Morscher, A. Gächter, University Basel, CH 
H.B. Burch, Ch. Gerber, Hôpital Cantonal, Fribourg, CH 


Graduated and obtained his MD at the Faculty of Medecine at the University of Bern in 1981 
Obtained Specialist Titel in Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology at the University of Bern in 1989 


Rue Georges-Jordil 4
1700 Fribourg

T +41 26 347 20 30
F +41 26 350 07 75

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