Geriatrics or Geriatric Medicine

What is geriatric medicine?

Geriatric medicine is a complementary medical speciality of internal medicine that is specifically dedicated to seniors (65+) and the elderly (80+). Using a medical, psychological and social approach, geriatric medicine tackles the question of diagnosis and management of physical, functional, psychic and cognitive conditions, but also the social issues associated with ageing and their prevention. It also deals with end-of-life issues.

Our specialists are able to provide you with their expertise with regard to ageing in both an outpatient and hospital setting in the context of follow-up or treatment of acute conditions, chronic diseases or during rehabilitation.


Based on data from an overall and routine assessment, including of your functional (walking and balance), psychic and cognitive abilities, our specialists can adjust their diagnostic and therapeutic strategy to help you to maintain your functional independence and autonomy as long as possible and improve your quality of life, respecting your life and health or, if applicable, end-of-life goals as much as possible.

When should I see a specialist?

Even if you still feel in good health, young and dynamic, do not wait for the first signs of weakness to appear. As of the age of 75, which is considered to be an advanced age, it is important to undergo this assessment in order to get a better understanding of your future. In fact, with the passing of years, our bodies, metabolism and physiology change and our reserves decline. Inevitably and gradually, vulnerabilities appear in different ways, whether in form or intensity. Additionally, the way diseases present themselves change as we get older, sometimes making them more difficult to diagnose. Therapeutic approaches must also be specifically adjusted and adapted as the response to treatments is different and adverse reactions to drugs are more frequent and also occur at lower doses than for younger adults.

If your list of medications includes more than five drugs per day, you are at an increased risk of adverse reactions, namely drug interactions, even if these were prescribed according to the latest recommendations. Our specialists will also be able to adjust your treatment regimens, organising your medications to your needs and prioritising treatments based on your health expectations.

Our geriatric medicine specialists can also suggest adjustments of living environments to functional and cognitive disabilities and home care, in collaboration with social workers and home care services, in order to improve your quality of life.

Multidisciplinary teams

Finally, because of their expertise with regard to ageing, our specialists work closely with general practitioners and with all the specialists from our clinics. That allows them to best adapt recommendations and the latest technological and medical advances to the needs of elderly patients in terms of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care.


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