Neurological rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitation is a specialised medical field focused on the recovery and enhancement of individuals who have experienced injuries or diseases affecting the nervous system. The most treated conditions in neurological rehabilitation encompass Parkinson's disease, stroke, and multiple sclerosis, among others.
Our neurological rehabilitation centres provide leading-edge services to restore or maintain speech, memory, thinking and mobility skills, affected by brain disorders.

Treatments available

In neurological rehabilitation, several therapies are used to address a wide range of conditions affecting the nervous system, such as stroke, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. Therapies are personalised to meet individual needs and may include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, neuropsychology and speech therapy. During neurological rehabilitation programmes, each patient follows personalised therapies to regain function and an enhanced quality of life.


A stroke is a sudden interruption of blood flow to the brain. Common stroke symptoms include speaking difficulties, weakness on one side of the body and balance issues.

Stroke Rehabilitation

  • Physiotherapy: Helps to regain movement, improve balance, and enhance coordination.
  • Occupational Therapy: Focuses on regaining daily activity autonomy e.g.: dressing and cooking.
  • Neuropsychology: Aims to restore cognitive (memory and attention) functions.
  • Speech Therapy: Helps improve speech and communication, as well as swallowing.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Multiple sclerosis is a condition affecting the brain and nervous system. It occurs when the immune system attacks a protective cover on nerve wires, disrupting brain to body signals. This can generate movement difficulties, unusual sensations, fatigue and pain.

Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation

  • Physiotherapy: Maintains joint mobility, motor function, coordination, posture, and core stability. It aims to improve gait and mobility.
  • Occupational Therapy: Helps maintain autonomy in daily activities, teaches safe transfer techniques and improves sensory issues and coordination. This includes writing exercises and home environment adaptations.
  • Tailored Physical Activity Program: Helps manage exertion and fatigue while stimulating coordination through activities such as pilates, basketball, aerobics, and dance.
  • Neuropsychological Rehabilitation: Focuses on improving memory skills, executive functions and attention disorders. This is achieved through cognitive games, computer software, and paper-and-pencil exercises.
  • Speech and Language Therapy: Concentrates on boosting speech, voice, and swallowing functions. It includes different vocal exercises and techniques, food therapy along with alternative communication methods for improved social interaction.

While there is no cure for MS, the above rehabilitation therapies can significantly help individuals to manage their symptoms, preserve autonomy and improve overall well-being.

Parkinson's Disease

This is a neurodegenerative disorder caused by the lack of dopamine, a neurotransmitter. It leads to the following symptoms: muscle stiffness, slow movements and/or tremors.

Parkinson's Disease Rehabilitation

  • Physiotherapy: Maintains muscle function, balance and mobility
  • Occupational Therapy: Aids in daily tasks and reduces tremors
  • Neuropsychology: Focuses on memory, attention and executive functions
  • Speech Therapy: Improves speech, voice and swallowing

A multicultural team at your service to:

  • Assist you in the preparation of your journey
  • Refer you towards the leading medical physicians and specialists 
  • Coordinate all the administrative requirements
  • Organise all the medical appointments and surgical procedures
  • Ensure a personalised follow-up before, during and after your medical stay

Request your personalised programme

If you would like a complete medical programme, a second opinion or a remote consultation via videoconference or by telephone, please do not hesitate to contact us:

+41 22 366 94 28

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Your stay in just a few steps

Get in touch with us

We kindly request that you send us your medical file, which will be forwarded to your assigned medical coordinator in complete confidentiality.

It is recommended that you send us a file that is as complete as possible so that we can suggest the most appropriate programme of treatment to you.

The information that we require includes the following:

  • A description of your symptoms
  • Medical reports and diagnoses
  • Medical images: ultrasound, CT or IRM files (DICOM files)
  • Laboratory results

or any other information that you consider useful.

We take both your medical and your accommodation needs into account

We will confirm receipt once we have received your request safely and will then get back in touch to find out the details of the additional services you require: the type of room, the number of people accompanying you, interpreting services, etc.

Offer regarding your care and programme of medical treatment

Once we are made aware of your needs, your coordinator will send you a personalised offer for your care, based on the doctor’s recommendations.
Your coordinator will remain at your disposal to help you with the administrative requirements: your visa application, the transfer from the airport and interpreting services in particular.

Confirmation of your stay

When you confirm your stay, we ask that you pay a deposit corresponding to the amount shown on your quotation. Your arrival can thus be planned in the best conditions.

At the end of your stay, we will refund the remaining amount of this deposit to you.

Your arrival

If you wish, we can organise your transport in a limousine or, if necessary, by medical transport. A member of our team will welcome you to the hospital and accompany you to your room.

Your stay

Your medical coordinator will be your first point of contact throughout your stay. If you have any questions of a medical nature, your medical coordinator will direct you to your medical consultant, who will be available to reply to you at all times.

At your convenience, your coordinator will be available to organise transport for you, a spa day, a tourist break in the local region or in one of the prestigious hotels of our partner hospitality group Michel Reybier Hospitality Group.

Your departure and your medical follow-up

Once your programme of treatment has been completed, your coordinator will ensure that you receive your medical report and will organise your follow-up appointment.

Following your departure, your coordinator will remain at your disposal for any questions.

Why us for neurological rehabilitation therapies?

Latest medical technologies

Our specialists provide surgeries using the latest medical techniques with leading-edge equipment at the forefront of technological innovation.

Outstanding hospital facilities

You will benefit from premium specialist care and exceptional hospital facilities. With more than one hundred years of experience since its founding in 1905, Clinique Valmont is recognised for providing personalised and effective healthcare. Set in a picturesque location overlooking Lake Geneva and the Alps, the hospital offers a warm and friendly environment with ultramodern facilities, including high-tech training equipment, a fitness room, and an indoor swimming pool. In 2006, the hospital underwent a total refurbishment, taking care to preserve its timeless charm.
Clinique Valmont is specialised in neurological and orthopaedic rehabilitation, driven by a highly skilled and dedicated team of healthcare professionals, including neuropsychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, sports coaches, and dieticians, who collaborate with doctors to tailor coordinated rehabilitation programmes for individual patients. The goal is to promote patient autonomy and facilitate their best possible recovery outcome.

Premium service

We can help you with visa applications, hotel reservations, if necessary, and transportation services. We have our own limousine service and can arrange airport transfers or any other transfers you may need during your stay. We will also be happy to adapt the meal options according to your needs.

Multilingual team

Among our staff members, we have medical coordinators who speak the following languages: French, English, German, Russian, Italian and Chinese.
If your language is not among those spoken, we can arrange for a translator to assist you during your medical consultations and/or therapies.

Our hospitals for neurological rehabilitation treatments

Clinique Valmont
Montreux (VD)

  • Neurological rehabilitation
  • Orthopaedic rehabilitation
  • Respiratory rehabilitation, Post-COVID

Most frequently asked questions

What languages do you speak?

Among our staff members, we have coordinators who speak the following languages: French, English, German, Russian, Italian and Chinese.
If your language is not among those spoken, we can arrange for a translator to assist you during your medical consultations and/or therapies for an additional fee.

What information do I need to provide to receive an initial offer?

It is very important to provide our medical staff with as much general and up-to-date medical information as possible (reports of previous medical consultations, laboratory results, medical imaging, etc.) 
This will enable us to create a personalised medical programme for you and to provide you with the corresponding quotation.


Do I have to pay for a quotation for a medical programme or treatment?

Only inquiries about oncological issues are subject to a fee.

What is an initial estimate and how is it calculated?

The initial estimate is an estimation of the costs of your treatment and is performed by our specialists based on the documents and information that you submit in advance. It is therefore extremely important that we obtain as much medical information in advance as possible, so that the estimate is an accurate reflection of reality.

What are your payment terms?

The patient has to pay the full amount of the quotation, on the day of their arrival at the clinic at the latest.
We accept payments by cash, credit card or bank transfer.
You may be entitled to a full or partial refund of the deposit, depending on the final invoice amount.

Can you help me arrange transportation to and from the hospital?

Yes. We have our own limousine service and can arrange airport transfers or any other transfers you may need during your stay.

Can you help me organise my trip to Switzerland?

Yes, we can help you with visa applications, hotel reservations (if necessary) and transportation services.

Can I bring an accompanying person to the hospital where I will be staying?

Yes, we offer facilities to accommodate an accompanying person during your stay, in your room or in a separate room/suite. 
Please contact us directly if you would like further information.

Is it possible to cater for specific eating habits such as diets/intolerances/allergies or halal products?

Yes, of course, if you provide us with information about your eating habits before your stay, we will be happy to adapt your meal options accordingly.

What additional beauty services are available in your hospitals?

Some of our hospitals offer hairdressing and skin care services. At your request, we can also make appointments for you if these services are not offered at the clinic where you are staying.

What happens if additional tests are needed as part of my treatment and/or if my hospital stay is extended?

Depending on medical assessments and opinions (therapeutic progress, test results, rehabilitation progress, etc.), modifications to the treatment and/or additional tests may be advised and prescribed. Any subsequent changes to the initial offer can be made with your agreement, and will be charged accordingly.

Can I leave the hospital during my stay or course of treatment?

Any request to leave is subject to prior written consent from the doctor.

Can I eat my meals somewhere other than in my room?

Most of our clinics offer high quality gourmet food, which is served in their respective restaurants.  With the exception of breakfast, which is only served in your room, you can eat your meals in the clinic’s restaurant.

Can I take my medical reports home with me?

Yes. We will send you your complete medical file as soon as we have received all the necessary information from the doctors. This file will include all medical reports, laboratory results and radiographic images (X-rays).

In what language can I receive my final medical report?

Reports can be written in English upon request. They can also be translated into other languages for an additional fee.

If I need specific medical equipment when I return home, what should I do?

Our medical team or our coordinators will help you get all the equipment you need.

Our team of neurological rehabilitation specialists

Clinique Valmont

Dr. med. Julien Bogousslavsky

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Clinique Valmont

Dr. med. Apostolos Alexandris

Internal medicine, Neurological rehabilitation, Orthopaedic rehabilitation
Clinique Valmont

Dr. med. Jaber-Jamel Bensenane

Internal medicine, Neurological rehabilitation, Orthopaedic rehabilitation
Montchoisi Medical Center

Dr. med. Sarah Berrut

Neurology, Neurological rehabilitation, Stroke, Parkinson, Multiple sclerosis View more
Clinique Valmont

Dr. med. Ruoxi Ren

Physical and rehabilitation medicine, Neurological rehabilitation, Orthopaedic rehabilitation