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Swiss Medical Network is a group of clinics, hospitals and medical centres represented in all language regions in Switzerland
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The Swiss Medical Network is a group of clinics, hospitals and medical centres represented in all language regions in Switzerland. Our patients are offered individual medical services, high-quality care and first-class service.

Welcome to our facilities

Raymond Loretan, Executive chairman | Dino Cauzza, CEO Swiss Medical Network

Thanks to a network of 21 clinics and hospitals, 30 medical centres, 9 emergency centres, a network of 22 ophthalmology centres as well as competence centres, we help all patients find the right facility to meet their needs.

The philosophy of Swiss Medical Network, its doctors and employees is to put the patient at the heart of everything we do.

This vision will become a reality through the implementation of an integrated care system, exclusive to Switzerland, with a pilot project soon to be launched in the Jura Arc.


Our core specialisms

Spinal surgery
Visceral surgery
Thyroid surgery
Nuclear medicine

Our areas of specialisation

With more than 80 areas of medical specialisation, we are able to meet the needs of a demanding Swiss and international patient base.

Orthopaedic surgery



General surgery

Internal medicine



Visceral surgery

Spinal surgery

Why choose one of our facilities?

What sets the Group’s clinics apart is the quality of their services, their outstanding medical infrastructure, their high-end facilities and pleasant atmosphere. Swiss Medical Network is at the cutting edge of technology and meets the highest reliability and quality requirements by drawing on the wealth of knowledge and expertise of its healthcare professionals across all fields. Patient welfare is at the top of its priority list.

Medical teams

Highly qualified specialists in all medical fields are on hand for patients. Supported by the medical teams, the well-being of every patient is at the top of their priority list.

Technical facilities

We are continually investing in new, cutting-edge equipment that allows for more precise, less invasive surgery – guaranteeing ease of use for our surgeons and a shorter recovery time for our patients. 


Elegance, comfort and personalised service underpin our hotel offering, which fully meets hospital standards and draws on the know-how of the globally renowned Swiss hotel industry at the same time.

Genolier Patient Services for international patients

More than 25 years of experience in supporting and caring for foreign patients

Everything is done to facilitate the patient’s medical stay so that they benefit from:

  • The vast network of experts and highly qualified specialists
  • Ongoing personalised support
  • A comfortable stay and a positive experience

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Clarify questions about your health: check symptoms, arrange doctor's appointments, order medication and much more. It's all very easy with the Well app.

Our doctors

Attentive to patients’ needs for a personalised treatment

In order to offer first-class inpatient and outpatient care to both its Swiss and foreign patients, Swiss Medical Network promotes medical excellence in all areas of specialisation. The Group’s clinics are dedicated to recruiting the most qualified independent doctors, with over 2'300 doctors currently accredited by the network.

Join us as an accredited doctor

Doctors’ satisfaction is one of our main priorities

Joining Swiss Medical Network means benefiting from first-class technical facilities and enjoying a great deal of flexibility in your everyday life. It gives you the opportunity to practise in several locations, taking advantage of the benefits offered by a network of clinics.

Any questions?

Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to forward your request to the appropriate department, who will respond promptly.

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