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Swiss Visio's mission is to guarantee the highest quality in the diagnosis, treatment and support of patients suffering from all types of eye diseases, with the exception of oncology.


Flavia Botticini, Director

Dear Patients, Dear Visitors,

At Swiss Visio, we offer consultations and surgeries in an excellent environment for all ocular pathologies except oncology (glaucoma, cataract, AMD, laser surgery etc.).

Our mission is to guarantee the highest quality in diagnosis, treatment and patient care and also to train the ophthalmologists of tomorrow in our centres, which are recognised by the FMH as training centres for medical and surgical ophthalmology.

Our 22 centres provide fast and personalised care in a trustworthy environment and we do our utmost to offer appropriate medical care.

Our Retina and Glaucoma research centres are working on the development of pioneering and innovative techniques and treatments to better diagnose and treat glaucoma and retina-related pathologies.

Our centres in the French and German-speaking parts of Switzerland welcome you in a soothing environment.


Our centres

Thanks to a network of 22 centres with state-of-the-art technology and medical expertise, Swiss Visio is able to refer patients to the most appropriate specialists in a rapid and personalised manner.

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With a clear view ahead, you can overcome any challenge - take care of your vision!

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Our doctors

Swiss Visio

PD Dr med Aude Ambresin

Ophthalmology, Eye surgery, Retinal and macular diseases, Cataracts, Eye inflammation, Eye consultations View more
Swiss Visio

Dr. med. Moïra Bumbacher

Ophthalmology, Eye surgery
Swiss Visio

Dr. med. Auguste Chiou

Ophthalmology, Eye surgery, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Operations on the eyelids, Corneal transplantation, Retinal and macular diseases, Dry eye, Eye inflammation, Age-related far-sightedness (presbyopia), Corneal irregularity (astigmatism), Near-sightedness (myopia), Far-sightedness (hyperopia), SMILE procedure View more
Swiss Visio

Dr. med. Walter Ferrini

Ophthalmology, Eye surgery, Retinal and macular diseases
Swiss Visio Eaux-Vives

PD Dr med C.P. Jonescu-Cuypers

Ophthalmology, Glaucoma, Eye surgery, Cataracts View more
Swiss Visio

Dr. med. Kaweh Mansouri

Ophthalmology, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Eye surgery, Retinal and macular diseases, Dry eye, Corneal diseases, Eye inflammation, Corneal irregularity (astigmatism), Eye consultations View more


A breakthrough in retinal imaging

Protect your eyes in summer

Swiss Visio, the partner of choice for VIVA members

Correcting your vision with refractive surgery

Congratulations to our winner of Flammes infirmières vaudoises 2024

Professor Mansouri among the world's top 100 ophthalmologists

Become an accredited doctor

The satisfaction of our doctors is a priority

Joining Swiss Medical Network means benefiting from a first-class technical platform and having great flexibility in your daily work. In addition, it is also the possibility of practising at several sites and thus benefiting from the advantages of working in a network.


19 reviews

Chris Wolf

I had been thinking of getting my eyes operated for a very long time, probably since I was 15 years old. Now 35 I decided that it was time to get lazik done. I arrived at Dr…

Filippo Botticini

Prise en charge, opération et contrôles superlatifs ….

Julie Goutte

Je me suis faite opérée de la myopie ainsi que de l'astigmatisme par le Docteur Nguyen et tout s'est très bien passé. Je revis depuis que je ne porte plus de lunettes. Je…

Pierre Bruni

Excellente prestation de la correction de ma vue avec la technique du laser. 10/10

Tiago Moreira

Je suis super comptant du résultat! L'accueil et le suivi est super agréable! Je recommande!

Klaus Schneeberger

Ich hatte vor meine Alterssichtigkeit zu korrigieren. Von Beginn weg wurde ich sehr freundlich und professionell behandelt. Frau Stulz von der Swiss Visio in Zürich hat die…

Angela Soltan

Mon enfant a eu trois consultations avec la Dre Bumbacher dont deux chez Swiss Visio. Toutes les consultations se sont très bien passées. Chez Swiss Visio nous avons…

Fabrizio (imagea)

Je suis un patient du Dr Bumbacher et c’était la première fois que je venais dans le nouveau centre Swiss Visio des Eaux-Vives. Je tiens à remercier toute l’équipe, du…

Rodi B

Une équipe formidable dans cet centre de taille humaine. Monsieur receptioniste, Le technicien qui prend les mesures des yeux, les médecins, gentillesse, professionalism et…

Astrid tanel

Belle adresse si vous souhaitez un bel accueil et une prise en charge de grande qualité dans un cadre très agréable. Je recommande!!

Sander Meric

Rendez-vouz obtenu à la dernière minute grâce à l'assistante réceptionniste, prise en charge complète et professionnelle. Le Dr GILLMANN est pédagogue et à l'écoute de son…


C’est un endroit génial, l’accueil est fantastique et les médecins sont compétents.