About us

Today, Swiss Visio has several highly experienced and internationally renowned doctors in 21 ophthalmology centres and practices in Switzerland. A strong synergy between the specialists as well as the realisation of medical research and conferences make the Swiss Visio network famous.

Two centres are recognised by the FMH as training centres for medical and surgical ophthalmology.

Training and research centres
Physician Assistants


Swiss Visio Network is a network of 21 ophthalmology centres with state-of-the-art medical techniques treating all eye diseases: glaucoma, cataract, cornea, medical and surgical retina, uveitis, strabismus, neuro-ophthalmology, oculoplasty, refractive surgery, low vision and lacrimal tract.
The centres and practices offer medical and surgical ophthalmology consultations and the teams guarantee personalised, top-quality care for patients, putting them at the centre of attention.

The Swiss Visio network belongs to the Swiss Medical Network group, which gives doctors in training the opportunity to work with other experts in the field of ophthalmology where they can actively participate in specialised consultations and benefit from several areas of excellence and expertise.

Swiss Visio Montchoisi has been a certified training centre since 2009.

Our commitments

Vision for all

The foundation was created in 2001 by Dr Mermoud and Dr Karlen. Its aim is to create and support ophthalmic hospitals in developing countries (India, Nepal, many African countries...). From 2001 to 2020 the foundation has carried out more than 20 projects worldwide. The foundation lives on the donations of the patients treated in the Swiss Visio Network and the doctors working there.
Every year thousands of patients will benefit from the joy of regaining their sight thanks to the operations carried out in the 20 VFA centres.

More about the VFA

Genolier Foundation

The Genolier Foundation supports NGOs through donations of medical equipment and furniture offered by the Swiss Medical Network clinics and encourages humanitarian missions with its partner NGOs. In particular, Genolier Foundation supports the Vision for All Foundation, which works for access to ophthalmic care in Africa.

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