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The Swiss Visio ophthalmology centres provide all patients with rapid care and personalised follow-up in a trusted medical environment.

Our team is at your disposal and is committed to doing everything possible to meet your expectations.

Our core competences

Refractive surgery
Corneal diseases


Most ophthalmological operations are performed on an outpatient basis and do not require hospitalisation. They are therefore accessible to patients with basic health insurance (LAMAL).
Our secretariat is at your disposal to give you precise information on the procedure to follow.
We will of course inform you before the start of your treatment or hospitalisation if your insurance does not cover certain services.

Patients insured under KVG/LAMal

  • The centre's medical practices invoice outpatient medical procedures in accordance with the national "TarMed" tariff structure.
  • The medical practices' invoices are issued by the doctors' fund.
  • Surgical procedures will be performed in one of the Swiss Visio partner clinics depending on your doctor and/or place of residence.
  • Invoices for surgical procedures will be issued directly by the hospital.
  • The tariff for outpatient surgery is the TarMed or the SwissDRG for inpatient surgery.
  • Depending on the class of hospitalisation, a supplementary insurance policy recognised by our institutions is required for full coverage of hospitalisation costs.

Patients insured in the European Union

Any elective consultation or operation must be validated by your social insurance (form S2) in order to be covered.
However, in the case of semi-private or private hospitalisation, your social insurance does not cover the full cost. A supplementary insurance that can contribute to the cost of the treatment in Switzerland is necessary for full coverage.

Patients insured outside the European Union or without insurance

Outpatient treatment: the treatment is paid for by the patient.
In-patient treatment: the patient must pay for the treatment unless you have a guarantee that your insurance will cover the full cost. A deposit will be required beforehand depending on the treatment.
Our centres accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards as well as cash payments (Swiss francs or euros only).

GENOLIER PATIENT SERVICES for international patients

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