Medical infrastructure

Working on the development of pioneering and innovative techniques and treatments, Swiss Visio offers consultations with the latest technology.

With modern technical platforms, Swiss Visio Valère and Siloah offer 3 operating rooms and 11 ophthalmic surgeons.

Swiss Visio Valère

Two operating theatres: 2 Lumera 700 microscopes, latest generation ZEISS microscope equipped with the Callisto system / 2 Phaco Signature machines and 1 Phaco Centurion machine

All the equipment necessary to perform cataracts, eyelid surgery, intra-retinal injections, refractive surgery, angiographies

Swiss Visio Siloah

An operating room: 2 Bausch & Lomb phaco Stellaris machines and for the microscope a Leica C40 Microscope
All the necessary equipment to perform intra-retinal injections, cataracts

Swiss Visio Beau-Rivage

Our refractive surgery centre is equipped with the latest generation of lasers, which enable us to cut faster and therefore reduce working time.

Swiss Visio Zürich

An operating theatre with a state-of-the-art refractive surgery laser.