WE MAKE HOSPITALS A BETTER PLACE. Managing health capital in its entirety while respecting the individual and nature. These are the main aspects of our philosophy.

Because our patients entrust us with their most precious asset – their health – we make every effort to ensure that their quality of life is improved and their satisfaction is guaranteed. We are working on the development of an integrative and multidisciplinary medicine, which allows better management of the health of our patients. We strive to ensure that all our actions are in line with a sustainable and environmental policy.

Our Vision

Creating the first integrated care network in Switzerland

“The philosophy of the Swiss Medical Network is to put the patient at the heart of everything we do.
We are looking to establish integrated care organisations along the lines of Kaiser Permanente with the development of a regional insurance component that takes account of natural population flows. To do this, we are trying to bring together all the health services a person may need within one single organisation.”
Antoine Hubert, Managing Director

“In under two decades, Swiss Medical Network has become a major and respected player in the Swiss healthcare landscape. By creating the country’s first integrated care network, the Group is continuing to contribute to the transformation of a healthcare system that has reached its limits. ” Raymond Loretan, Chairman of the Board of Directors

The Swiss Medical Network Group is in the process of creating Switzerland’s first integrated healthcare system, as its pilot project sees its 2023 launch with the Hôpital du Jura Bernois. This innovative and virtuous business model is a good example of the well-known concept of creating shared value for all, which in this case will apply to patients, key network players (currently with divergent interests) and the surrounding communities in particular.

An approach based on three principles:

  • keeping citizens healthy,
  • improving services to patients
  • bringing together insurers and providers. 

Many positive and sustainable impacts are expected such as improvement of quality of life through complementary health protection, quality of care with integrated care that follows the patient's life course, equal opportunities in terms of financing, access to care and strengthening of patients' and insured persons' rights, and finally, more transparency based on sustainable and personalised relationships.

<h2>Transforming a system that benefits few into a system that benefits all</h2>

Transforming a system that benefits few into a system that benefits all

Genolier Innovation Hub – A platform for healthcare companies

“We strongly believe that innovation is a key driver for creating shared value for patients, researchers and the medical profession as a whole, with direct benefits for society. ” 

A new research and development hub dedicated to medical innovation with a view to accelerating patient access to the latest products, technologies and services.

It will directly link the research conducted by companies and laboratories with practical application for patients in clinical trials and tests. 

The Genolier Innovation Hub will play host to international companies and researchers who are active in the medtech, pharma and bioscience fields. Companies such as Accuray and Raysearch, which specialise in radiotherapy, will set up research and training centres in the area. There are collaborations in the pipeline with numerous partners also present in the Health Valley, including the Biopôle and the Haute Ecole La Source. 

Construction of the Genolier Innovation Hub began in late 2021 and the facility is scheduled to open in late 2023.

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Genolier Foundation

A financing fund for medical research and training 

In order to provide optimum care and state-of-the-art therapies, the Genolier Foundation sponsors clinical research projects and training in areas such as high-end biotechnology in collaboration with internationally renowned institutions such as the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), the New York-Presbyterian Hospital and AGORA (CHUV).

Empowerment of individuals

This entrepreneurial philosophy and mindset has been part of the Group’s DNA since its inception and is reinforced by the Group’s mission: WE MAKE HOSPITALS A BETTER PLACE.

For patients

This culture applies first and foremost to patients, who are placed at the heart of medical partnerships so that they can play an active role in improving their own quality of life, or the prevention or treatment of their illness. 

This is also highlighted by the Group’s ambition to facilitate access to advanced medical treatments, regardless of the member’s financial situation. 

For staff

The professional and personal development of employees and fair and equal treatment are top priorities for Swiss Medical Network. The Group also promotes the role and responsibilities of women in its institutions and every year, to mark International Women’s Day, Swiss Medical Network shines a spotlight on its female employees with an online campaign. In 2021 our feature traced the career path of 13 of them.

For stakeholders

Many of our stakeholders come together to share their visions, expertise and experiences during our annual Swiss Medical Network Management Days and Medical Days conferences, which bring together doctors and surgeons from all areas of specialisation over the course of two days.

The main themes for 2021 were artificial intelligence and medical informatics. In June 2022 this forum provided two days of reflection and exchange around the issues of sustainable development on ecology, economy and society as well as solutions to generate positive impacts in both our private and professional spheres.

Dominique Sartori, Chief Sustainability Officer of SwissMedical Network

Dominique Sartori is a recognised specialist in alternative energies and has carried out various ecological projects in his capacity as Director of the Hôpital du Jura bernois.

He has been helping to implement our sustainability strategy :

  • Sustainability of the health system in the sense of its quality and economy: only a health system that is able to contain the explosion in costs and place the health of the individual at the centre of its concerns can survive in the long term. Our integrated healthcare project in the Bernese Jura is precisely in line with this perspective and is taking concrete forms.
  • Sustainability of our corporate culture: we empower and encourage our employees and patients. We encourage cooperation based on respect and mutual trust. This will be expressed in our new charter.
  • Sustainability of our ecosystem: we promote energy efficiency and biodiversity, we are committed to reducing waste, and we focus on a healthy lifestyle for our patients, physicians and employees.

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Actions for the climate

We strive to be environmentally friendly and to continuously improve our environmental impact reduction across our organisation. In particular, we take action in the way we power our facilities; purchase food, medical supplies and equipment; manage waste and promote soft mobility amongst our staff.

Preservation of natural resources

  • Implementing practices and equipment to reduce and/or recycle their energy use
  • Progressively replacing oil-fired boilers
  • Optimising light sources: sun, LED, motion detectors

Transition to the circular economy

Programmes to reduce, reuse and/or recycle waste from food as well as from medical equipment and utensils. For example:

  • Eliminating the use of plastic cutlery
  • Zero food waste policy in partnership with our partners

Procurement of local products

This is one of the Group’s important purchasing principles and most clinics put it into practice by purchasing products with a short supply chain.

Soft mobility

Most clinics offer a mobility programme and a contribution to public transport season tickets (SBB) to encourage employees to use public transport.

In some clinics, electric bicycles are also available to employees. Electricity charging points have been installed and company cars are all electric. 

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