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Quality management

Swiss Medical Network institutions place patients, customers, doctors and employees at the heart of all quality processes.

Excellence and superior quality

All clinics and medical centres are autonomous in how they organise their quality processes.

The excellence and high quality of services are recognised by patients, customers, doctors and employees thanks to globally coordinated and locally driven implementation and are used as a competitive and marketing tool.

The structures within the Swiss Medical Network institutions are kept lean to allow for both agility and flexibility in change processes.

This ensures the continuous development of quality processes and the safety of both patients and employees. 

Quality management

In all our facilities, we have guidelines in place as well as a dedicated manager.


We offer the patient attentive, personalised care in an upscale and pleasant environment, with a focus on their well-being playing an active role in their recovery.


We take into account the needs and choices of every single patient. We make every effort to build a relationship of trust while respecting individual’s rights and duties.


We ensure that communication is targeted, takes place at the right time and with the right people.


We accredit doctors recognised for their expertise and provide them with the latest generation of high-performance and innovative technical equipment.


We promote the continuous training of our employees in order to preserve and develop their expertise, guaranteeing safer and more effective care.


Our management approach is risk prevention and continuous improvement oriented in order to increase the quality and safety of our services as well as the satisfaction of our patients, doctors and employees. 


We are committed to avoiding waste, separating our waste and better managing our energy consumption in order to protect the environment and reduce costs.


We meet the regulatory, legal and normative requirements in force.

Patient safety

Patient safety is essential in all our establishments and is guaranteed at several levels

  • The care department, which coordinates the patient's journey throughout their stay
  • The managers and staff take turns working with patients day and night
  • Continuous training and an optimised assignment allow us to offer an optimal quality of care and a personalised relationship with each patient
  • The presence, in most of our establishments, of an innovative technical platform and a complete medical infrastructure (laboratories, radiology, etc)
  • Implementation of a strict hygiene programme that follows the recommendations of the hygiene commission and the WHO recommendations
  • Infection surveillance, implementation of strict protocols and hygiene measures for health care staff

Examples of prevention programmes

<p>Prevention workshops on the theme

Prevention workshops on the theme "The safe house" at the Montchoisi Clinic.

<p>Implementation of different methods to prevent falls in daily life by offering formations to patients.</p>

Implementation of different methods to prevent falls in daily life by offering formations to patients.

<p>It allows caregivers to put themselves in the context of a real patient in a room where errors have been deliberately set up.</p>

It allows caregivers to put themselves in the context of a real patient in a room where errors have been deliberately set up.

Critical Incident Reporting System (CIRS)

March 2021 saw the launch of the digital reporting portal for all Swiss Medical Network institutions. This is a reporting and learning system that allows for the identification of risks or critical events. It is a key component of clinical risk management and means that incidents across a range of operations can be reported on an anonymous basis.
This in turn guarantees the proactive handling of critical events, the further development of an internal safety culture and increased levels of patient safety.

Our certifications and memberships are a guarantee of quality


National Association for Quality Development

ANQ's mandate is to define relevant quality indicators, to conduct quality measurements to provide the national comparison and to communicate the measurement results transparently.

The Swiss Medical Network institutions take part in the ANQ surveys every year. The results enable the institutions to compare themselves with hospitals and clinics nationwide and to take targeted measures to improve the patient experience.
In the ANQ patient satisfaction survey 2021, 77% of all Swiss Medical Network institutions were above the national average.

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Swissnoso is dedicated to reducing nosocomial infections and multidrug-resistant germs that can occur during a stay or treatment in a hospital. Practicable modules are offered in the area of surveillance and prevention. The Swiss Medical Network institutions continuously monitor possible cases of infection or the long-term course of wound healing and report these to Swissnoso. Useful data for quality control is generated and evaluated from this.

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ISO 9001:2015 – Swiss Safety Center (SSC)

Our clinic is certified according to this standard, which is widely used and comparable both nationally and internationally. It shows the requirements that have to be implemented with regard to customer needs as well as product and service quality. The standard is thus a proven instrument for increasing the transparency of operational processes and subsequently optimising the efficiency of corporate performance. The annual review by the certification body SSC also ensures continuous and sustainable improvement of the management system.

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SIRIS - Swiss Implant Register

Basierend auf dem nationalen Qualitätsvertrag zwischen ANQ und den Mitgliedskliniken wurde SIRIS (Schweizerisches Implantateregister für Hüft- und Knieprothesen) 2012 eingeführt. Ziel dieser Erfassung ist die bestmögliche Versorgung der Patienten sowie die Beurteilung der langfristigen Implantat- und Behandlungsqualität. Die daraus gewonnenen Ergebnisse erlauben zudem einen Qualitätsvergleich mit anderen Spitälern.

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Swiss Leading hospitals

The "Member of THE SWISS LEADING HOSPITALS" label at the entrance to a clinic is a guarantee of outstanding quality in terms of treatment, care and hotel services.

All SLH member institutions make the well-being of their patients and the satisfaction of their needs a priority. In addition to state-of-the-art facilities, first-class medical care is offered in a friendly atmosphere and with personal attention to ensure perfect synergy. The result is a level of quality that can be described as BEST IN CLASS.

We are proud that many clinics from the Swiss Medial Network Group belong to this quality association.

Customer satisfaction

First-class medical care is a top priority for Swiss Medical Network institutions. Equally important are aspects related to patient well-being, including the hotel offer, cuisine and impeccable processes from admission to discharge.

To measure satisfaction with these services, all patients are asked by their respective Swiss Medical Network institution to fill in a questionnaire after discharge. The patient survey thus serves as an important tool in the quality management system.

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