Swiss domiciled patients

Our 21 clinics and all our centres throughout Switzerland are located in cities that are attractive to our patients, whether for inpatient or outpatient treatment.

An offer for all patients

Insurance in Switzerland

With a basic insurance, access is granted to all outpatient treatments in all our facilities. For inpatient treatment in the cantons of Vaud and Zurich, an additional private insurance might be needed.

International insurance

For patients covered by international insurance, whether they are residents abroad or in Switzerland


For patients:

  • who are treated at their own expense
  • whose treatment costs are covered by a company, organisation or embassy



There are several stages to the care you will receive across all our clinics:

  • Admission
  • Stay
  • Discharge
  • Support

We advise you to check the terms of your care directly on the clinic’s website.

For international patients, a medical coordination group will facilitate your stay.

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When the patient leaves, they need to go to the reception desk.

  • For inpatients in a general ward: the hospital sends the invoice directly to the insurer.
  • For inpatients in a private ward:  we will send the invoice for your hospitalisation costs directly to the insurer. If the insurer does not have an agreement with the institution, we will send the bill to the patient who will forward it to them. You will be billed for medical fees directly by your doctor.

As each of the Group’s clinics has different arrangements according to the canton, we recommend checking the terms with the clinic.

Did you know that?

Patients also have the option of choosing a clinic outside their canton of residence. There will be no charges in addition to the costs of hospitalisation in their own canton.

Genolier Patient Services

Dedicated to international patient care

We have a team of medical coordinators, fluent in French, German, English, Italian, Russian, Arabic and Chinese, who are fully dedicated to you.

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