The Well healthcare platform connects key players in the healthcare sector such as doctors, pharmacies and our hospitals. The Well app gives you free access to a wide range of efficient healthcare services. You can obtain medical advice independently and according to your needs - around the clock, via your preferred channel, quickly and easily.

Well is a joint project between Visana, CSS, Medi24, DocMorris, Galenica and Swiss Medical Network. It is leading the Swiss healthcare system into a digital future.

Symptom checker of Well

Clarify questions about your health: check symptoms, arrange doctor's appointments, order medication and much more. It's all very easy with the Well app.

The advantages of Well

Check symptoms & get feedback

The assistant in the Well app shows you exactly what to do in the event of illness

Many functions of the Well app are free of charge for insured persons

Online pharmacy

The services of Well


Answer a few questions about your symptoms and in a few minutes you will receive an initial assessment and a recommendation for the next treatment steps, be it a home remedy, a medication or a doctor's appointment.

Guide to diseases, medicines and home remedies

Find information on complaints, diagnoses or illnesses and, depending on the symptom, receive helpful suggestions for medication - original preparations and generics/biosimilars - or home remedies.


Want to find a family doctor or specialist near you? You can find all Swiss Medical Network doctors and pharmacies in the Well app and save them as favourites.


You receive prescriptions from Medi24 simply and easily as an e-prescription in your Well app. You can forward this prescription to your pharmacy, collect it from a selected pharmacy or have it sent directly to your home via a mail-order pharmacy.

Personal dossier

You can easily save data and information such as prescriptions, treatment plans and medical reports in the dossier. This means you have all your and your family's important documents to hand at all times.

Document exchange

Send photos, reports or the result of the symptom checker to your doctor quickly, safely and easily. Prerequisite: This person must be connected to the Well app.

Book vaccination appointments

Book a vaccination appointment quickly and easily at your pharmacy with a vaccination service.

Family services

Speak to a paediatric nurse around the clock via KidsLine, the telephone emergency helpline for children and young people (in German). Simply label well services that can also be used for paediatric concerns for children and adolescents up to the age of 18 with the Family Care label: Activate the family mode under «Profile/Settings».


Does the Well app replace the doctor?

No. Well does not replace doctors, but rather the often confusing search on the Internet. The digital guide has a simple structure and provides patients with easy-to-understand information.

Is data protection guaranteed?

Yes, the app fulfils all security and data protection standards. The health data is in the exclusive possession of the end users and cannot be viewed by any other party without their consent. No data is passed on to insurance companies.

Does Swiss Medical Network offer the Well app itself?

No. Well is an independent platform and is operated by Well Gesundheit AG. The terms of use of the Well app apply.