Centre de soin de support (cancer rehabilitation)

«Heal sometimes, relieve often, listen always». - Louis Pasteur

More and more people in Switzerland are overcoming their cancer. However, the disease and its treatment can cause physical, psychological and social damage. This is why the Oncology Centre of the Clinique Générale-Beaulieu has set up an oncology rehabilitation programme with the support of the Swiss Cancer League.

Its aim: To improve the quality of life of patients, to facilitate their return to daily life and to allow them to resume their professional activity.


Outpatient oncology rehabilitation has several facets:

  • It is a therapeutic strategy complementary to the treatment(s) of the cancer itself which allows to overcome the handicaps or restrictions due to the disease or its treatment.
  • It means directing people with cancer to the available resources best suited to their personal situation.
  • It is about enabling the patient to take control of his or her own life.

For whom it is

All cancer patients at different stages of the disease:

In the curative period, to prevent impairments and anticipate their possible consequences.

In remission, to optimise the patient's ability to recover.

In the palliative period, to improve quality of life by increasing daily autonomy

What does it involve?

Various therapeutic means are put in place to reduce the undesirable effects of the disease or treatments, but also to provide support in dealing with the cancer on a physical and psychological level. Care may include :

Captions :
Group physiotherapy: Pilates, flexibility and balance, cardio training, Nordic Walking, Tai Chi, etc.)
Individual physiotherapy: muscle strengthening, drainage, massage, etc.
Covered by basic insurance *
Covered by supplementary insurance ** Not covered
Not covered ***
Free of charge without *

Care and Support

The coverage of these various services should not be an obstacle to your participation in the rehabilitation programme.

In order to ensure that all our patients can benefit from the best treatments without the financial aspect coming into play, the Genolier Foundation provides support by financing the services of those who do not benefit from a complementary insurance covering so-called alternative therapies, or who cannot afford to pay for certain treatments.

Our coordinators will discuss this with you at your initial assessment.

Our Team

The programme offered by the Oncology Centre of the Clinique Générale-Beaulieu is carried out under the supervision of an oncologist and a radio-oncologist. It is also coordinated by a specialised nurse.

The prescribing physician remains the reference physician for any patient wishing to participate.

This outpatient programme is a pilot project in Geneva supported by the Swiss Cancer League.


If you wish to participate in this programme, or if your doctor advises you to do so, make an appointment with the coordinators for a preliminary interview. An initial assessment and a medical history will be taken to define your needs and desires.

The programme lasts 12 weeks. An interim assessment with the nurse coordinator can be arranged. At the end of the programme, an exit assessment will evaluate the impact of the outpatient rehabilitation programme on your quality of life. It can be renewed at your request or that of your doctor.

The team

The core team is composed of Dr med Claudia Collao-Lamb, FMH Medical Oncology; Dr med Francesca Caparotti, FMH Radio-oncology; and Sophie Glemet, oncology nurse and programme coordinator.

The various therapists involved in oncology rehabilitation care share the same founding values:

  • Medical ethics
  • Excellence
  • Transparency

Clinique Générale-Beaulieu

Dr. med. Claudia Collao Lamb

Clinique Générale-Beaulieu

Dr. med. Francesca Caparrotti

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