Centre for Integrative Medicine

Located in the Champel district, the centre is open to the general public and offers a wide range of complementary therapies.

This new setting, just a few steps away from the clinic, offers a calm and intimate environment. It is home to around fifteen qualified therapists specialising in their fields and offering almost 30 different therapies, approved by a multi-disciplinary advisory committee.

Integrative medicine is the alliance of conventional and complementary medicine with the aim of improving the quality of life of the patient. Each person is different and responds differently to treatment and care. With this global approach, which analyses the interactions between the physical, the psychic and the spiritual, ultra-personalised solutions are proposed to each patient.


Opening hours

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 09:00-18:00

Tuesday: 11:00-19:00

Friday : 08:00-17:00


Centre for Integrative Medicine
Av. Eugène-Pittard 34
1206 Geneva

Our complementary therapies

Acupuncture (TCM)

What is Chinese medicine?

Acupuncture consists of stimulating points on the meridian paths or energy channels using thin, sterile, single-use metal needles. The stimulation of the acupuncture points regulates the Qi or energy and restores balance. Chinese medicine is a combination of ancient Chinese philosophy and clinical experience, which has formed a comprehensive theory of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. It takes a holistic approach to the relationship between the environment and well-being. It uses various methods such as acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, auricular therapy, herbal medicine and Tuina (massage).


There are many conditions that can be treated with acupuncture, the most common of which are listed below: gynaecological disorders and pregnancy, pain related problems, respiratory disorders, digestive disorders, dermatological problems, all forms of allergies, blood pressure disorders, weight problems, post operative management, insomnia, depression. This list is not exhaustive and we remain at your disposal to discuss your health problems and to find a therapeutic scheme to cure or relieve them.

Our team work

We have a very strong team in different areas of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM in sports medicine, TCM in gynaecology and reproductive medicine, TCM in oncology treatment support, TCM in endocrinology, anti-ageing medicine and weight management and of course TCM in pain management). They have been trained in both allopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. They are very experienced and have a wealth of professional experience in China, Germany and Switzerland.

Price: from 150 CHF per session

Art therapy

Art therapy allows people to express their feelings and experiences through various artistic means (drawing, charcoal, painting, clay, music, body expression).
Our workshop is conceived as a therapeutic support space that is characterised by a total mobilisation of the person. This process aims to (re)put meaning into the patient's life by experimenting with creativity, the source of life. The work of thought is associated with the movements of the hands and emotions.
During this parenthesis, there is no need for words to express oneself. Feelings become forms, colours and materials. The usual ways of thinking are put aside in favour of a liberating aesthetic attitude. No artistic skills are required to participate.

Price: 130 CHF per 60-minute session

Olfactory consultations - Olfactory education/re-education

We offer olfactory consultations which, with the help of various methods, including OSTMR (Olfactory Stimulation Therapy and Memory Reconstruction), supplemented by various exercises to exercise the olfactory sense in ortho nasal and retro nasal, allow patients to project themselves into their olfactory heritage and learn to redevelop their sense of smell, as well as to awaken their olfactory senses a little more throughout the consultations.

The olfactory consultations are as follows

  1. Olfactory consultation and in-depth diagnosis of the patient in order to build an olfactory education and/or re-education programme according to his or her needs and adhoc
  2. After the first consultation: follow-up of the patient's health and progress in terms of olfactory education and/or rehabilitation.

On average, 3 sessions are necessary and a maximum of 10 sessions can be organised.

Expected results:
The patient becomes aware of the benefits of his olfactory sense in retro-ortho nasal. They emerge from their consultations with a sharper sense of smell, or even a new one, as well as with new emotional responses. This olfactory health, exercised and maintained, will contribute to a better quality of life: better food, sensorially more tasty and more pleasant, better relationships with loved ones... more «taste for life».

Target patients :
Anyone wishing to connect/reconnect to their olfactory (orthonasal) and gustatory (retronasal) senses.

In each discipline, the olfactory senses can help to improve the patient's situation.

  • Gynaecology: the child-mother link,
  • Gerontology: the senses can help to stimulate the cognitive senses and prevent neuro-generative diseases,
  • Eating disorders: the senses can stimulate and improve nutrition.

Fees :
550 CHF the 1st consultation
300 CHF the 2nd consultation
50 CHF for a 15-minute telephone consultation
100 CHF for a 30-minute telephone consultation
200 CHF for a 1 hour telephone consultation

Medical dermography

Medical dermopigmentation is used on all areas that require reconstruction and improvement, whether due to a natural defect, or following medical treatment or an accident. Corrective dermopigmentation can be used in the following cases:
- To correct a pigmentation defect: too light or too dark (e.g. camouflage of Vitiligo)
- As a treatment for scars, to camouflage them
- To reshape the areolas following breast reconstruction
- As a treatment for eyebrows to recreate them after chemotherapy
- As a tricopigmentation treatment, i.e. dermopigmenting areas of alopecia to fill in hair loss

Rates :
Eyelash Dermopigmentation: 540 CHF
Dermopigmentation Eyebrows : 540 CHF
Dermopigmentation Mouth : 590 CHF
Dermopigmentation 1 mamelon : 500 CHF
Dermopigmentation 2 nipples : 800 CHF


Fasciatherapy is a manual therapy founded in the 80's by Danis Bois, physiotherapist, osteopath and today a doctor in Education Sciences.

By combining manual touch, gestural approach and speech, the fasciatherapist teaches the person to enter into resonance with the bodily experience of the treatment, and to build new health strategies on this basis. The patient is thus at the centre of the treatment, and develops an intimate relationship with his or her body and movement in order to better manage daily life and learn to "accompany" him or herself.

Price: 140 CHF per 60-minute session

Sensory gymnastics

Sensory gymnastics is a form of movement that is practised standing or sitting, using simple movements of the whole body, and which are carried out in a physiological coherence. One of the main objectives of sensory gymnastics is to develop awareness of movement, which helps to strengthen the link between the body and the psyche.
Regular practice of sensory gymnastics helps to develop balance, adaptability, solidity and harmony of the body. It is a great way to regain possession of one's body and physiology, and to develop self-awareness.

Fees: 35 CHF for a 75-minute class (group)

Ericksonian hypnosis

Ericksonian hypnosis is a discipline of personal development that uses the natural capacity of the human brain to modify its state of consciousness and, thanks to this, to alter certain sensory, physiological or psychological functions in order to achieve the patient's conscious objectives.
In concrete terms, this state of consciousness modification induced by the therapist acts on parts of the brain that the client does not consciously control. Thus, hypnosis allows the client to overcome unconscious resistance and blockages in order to move more quickly towards the desired objective without internal conflicts.
Hypnosis allows the conscious and unconscious mind to communicate together to trigger the changes necessary to solve the problem.
The advantage of the Ericksonian approach is that the patient actively participates in his hypnotherapy, he is active and has the choice. They are not controlled by the therapist, it is a collaborative relationship.

Price: 130 CHF for a 60 minute session

Metamorphic massage

Metamorphic massage reconnects the patient to their past in order to bring about a physical and psychic transformation in order to regain strength. This treatment is particularly appropriate for addressing physical, emotional and mental suffering.
We will address reactions to significant events that have sometimes been hidden deep inside; we will deal with issues of disagreement and anger that are often internalised.
Metamorphic massage is practised mainly on three areas of the body:

  • The feet, symbols of movement
  • The hands, symbols of action
  • The head, which is related to thinking and reflection

With metamorphic massage we will remove the suffering that causes a permanent inner turmoil. Little by little we converge towards a real well-being, a release of physical and mental tensions will gradually take place.
Each person, at his or her own pace, can react to events and act in full awareness.
The Metamorphic Massage is intended for adults and children who feel uneasy in their lives and bodies; sleep disorders, hyperactivity or hypersensitivity are the main symptoms of these feeling of unease.
7 sessions are generally recommended as a first step towards change.

Price: 130 CHF per 60-minute session

Therapeutic massage

This type of massage allows for muscle relaxation when the muscles are contracted or exhausted by effort. The aim is to relieve and prevent illnesses that may affect the body.
It also has a positive influence on heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, digestion and relaxation. Therapeutic massage can be used to relieve many physical pains and psychological disorders.
This type of massage is suitable for both adults and children.

Price: 130 CHF for a 60-minute session

Tui-Na/An-Mo massage

An-Mo or Tui-Na is a manual therapy that is part of the therapeutic methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In An-Mo/Tui-Na, various manual techniques are combined, such as massage or physiotherapy and chiropractic, as well as joint mobilisation and relaxation techniques.

Tui-Na therapy is based on the theories and principles of TCM. This includes the doctrine of Yin and Yang energy principles, the concept of the five elements and the meridian theory. The latter is based on the idea that the human body has a vital force or life energy (Chinese Qi) flowing through it and that this life energy flows through clearly defined channels (meridians). The meridians conduct the Qi throughout the body and thus establish a circuit that creates functional entities by connecting organs and organ systems. The flow of Qi can be influenced by stimulating the many acupuncture points that lie on these meridians.

According to the Chinese view, illnesses occur when the harmonious flow of Qi in the body is disturbed or interrupted. During a Tui-Na treatment, the acupuncture points and meridians are stimulated in a targeted manner to remove the blockage and to regulate the flow of Qi. The treatment should also harmonise the energetic state of Yin and Yang and restore the balance of emptiness/fullness in the body.

Price :
150 CHF for a 55-minute session
140 CHF for a 50-minute session

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation is an invitation to encounter and cultivate the living within. It is based on the perception of the body and on the sensations transmitted by the body. The present moment is experienced fully by the body.
This therapy is both simple to access and powerful in its effects. It requires no prior knowledge or special skills; it is accessible to everyone. It can be practised sitting on a chair or stool, in comfortable clothes. Sessions consist of a guided moment of about half an hour and then a sharing of experience.
Mindfulness meditation is a tool of fasciatherapy as developed by Danis Bois. It invites us to discover the internal movement that continually animates the body. It proposes a new encounter with oneself. It calms, soothes, resources, anchors, makes present and alive, opens to the other and opens to the world.

Price: 140 CHF for a 70-minute session

Structural osteopathy

Osteopathy (from the Greek «osteon» = bone, and «pathos» = suffering) and etiopathy (from the Greek «aitia» = cause) are manual medical techniques. They are therapeutic methods which aim to improve the functionality and mobility of the bone structure and skeletal muscles by means of specific manipulations and to stimulate the body's own healing powers.
The aim of osteopathic treatment is to identify the body's mobility restriction problems, to restore the natural mobility and thus free the way for the body's self-healing forces. Problems of restricted mobility («dysfunctions») are treated by acting on various layers of the body tissue and by giving a central place to the body's self-healing forces.
General osteopathy: decrease in joint amplitude, pain of mechanical origin, tendonitis-type pain, muscle spasm, scar work or adhesion.
Internal osteopathy: endometriosis, fertility problems, vaginismus, dyspareunia, pelvic pain of mechanical origin, urological and rectal functional problems
Perinatal osteopathy:
- Follow-up of the pregnant woman: lumbago, pelvic pain, sciatica, constipation, oppression, diaphragmatic pain, nausea, breech position of the baby, preparation for delivery
- Follow-up of the infant: motor and functional check-up at birth, plagiocephaly, colic, preferential position, sucking disorder, recurrent otitis, dysfunction of the tear duct
- Post-partum follow-up
Paediatric osteopathy: prevention and follow-up of scoliosis and scoliotic attitudes, genuvalgum/genuvarum, posturology, functional disorders of the locomotor, digestive and respiratory systems, growth pathologies
Digestive osteopathy: constipation, diarrhoea, gastro-oesophageal reflux, pain on swallowing, digestive or thoracic tightness
ENT osteopathy: ear infections, eustachian tube pain, ophthalmic migraine, chewing problems, TMJ pain or cracking, tinnitus
Cranial osteopathy: Arnold's neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, tension headache
Respiratory osteopathy: asthma, costal pain, intercostal neuralgia
Postural osteopathy: postural assessment and posturological follow-up
Post-traumatic and post-surgical treatment if no medical contraindication

Price: 120 - 200 CHF per session of 45 to 60 minutes


The pedicure intervenes in the treatment of skin pathologies (calluses, corns, plantar keratoses), problems linked to the toenails (ingrown toenails), foot affections resulting from an illness (foot-hand syndrome linked to chemotherapy, diabetes), or sports practice.

Foot and hand syndrome pedicure (oncology): 150 CHF
Complete pedicure : 110 CHF
Partial pedicure : 55 CHF
Titanium wire/Orthoplasty : 80 CHF

Pilates method

Pilates is a system of physical activity developed at the beginning of the 20th century by a German who was passionate about sport and the human body, Joseph Pilates.

It is a gentle form of gymnastics, inspired by dance and yoga, which is accessible to everyone, whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete. It aims to improve flexibility, muscle tone and posture by releasing tension from the body and strengthening weaker muscles. It is a preventive and curative method, close to rehabilitation. We learn to know our body, to use our deep muscles for a better stabilisation of the skeleton and sense of balance, but also to improve our body ease.

Pilates aims to create a perfect harmony between body and mind in order to stimulate the neuromuscular system and promote a healthier physical structure. The method consists of hundreds of exercises that are performed on the floor or on specific machines. Joseph Pilates defined his method as the perfect control of body, mind and spirit and called it «contrology».

Its foundation is to regain a natural alignment and a healthy, harmonious body. Pilates is one of the few approaches that teaches you to train the deep muscles before the superficial muscles. This increases the intensity of the strengthening work. The combination of breathing, strengthening and stretching in a series of fluid and harmonious movements is the basis of this technique.
The stabilisation of the pelvis and shoulders plays an important role. With regular practice, the muscles are strengthened and lengthened, posture is improved and awareness of the body is increased.
The first step is to gain fundamental stability, strengthening the core of the body and finding the correct connection of the pelvic floor, diaphragm, lumbar and transverse abdominals in order to be able to perform all movements efficiently. Breathing control and concentration help in the precise execution of the movements.

The practice of Pilates allows a better posture thanks to the rehabilitation of the body. It loosens joints, stretches and loosens the spine, while strengthening weak muscles and lengthening short muscles.
These changes in the body have an impact on the mind, the body is more relaxed, the nervous system calms down and sleep is better.

If you have never practised pilates before, it is imperative to start with a private class in order to acquire the basic notions necessary for group practice. You can book this private class on our website at a low price by selecting the «pre-group class».

Prices :
35 CHF for a 60-minute group lesson
70 CHF for a 60-minute pre-group lesson
130 CHF for the individual course

Healing (empirical massage)

The reboutement is a massage of reboutology, which focuses on the neuro-articular and the tendino-ligamentary. It allows an oxygenation, a reactivation, a release of stases (clusters of nerves, calcifications, crystals, toxins stuck and hardened). It is a deep work between the muscles, the vertebrae, the ribs and the articulations which provokes a very important oxygenation.

Price: 130 CHF for a 60 minute session


Reflexology is a manual therapy that consists of stimulating different organs by targeted pressure. Reflexology is practiced on two areas of the body: the feet (plantar) and the hands (palmar). A topographical representation of the body is reflected on the feet and hands. By massaging specific areas, the following benefits can be observed:

  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Feeling of relaxation and deep relaxation
  • Improved blood and energy circulation
  • Pain relief
  • Improvement of certain disorders such as insomnia, migraines, nausea but also anxiety and stress

100 CHF for a 45 minute session
130 CHF for a 60 minute session


Reiki is pronounced «ree-ki»(in Japanese «rei» = the inexhaustible energy of the universe, «ki» = personal life energy) and refers to a Japanese form of energy healing through the laying on of hands. The Reiki master transmits the universal life energy - which is also referred to as Reiki - by placing his or her hands on the patient.

According to the Reiki philosophy, illness and stress occur when the contact between a person and the life energy is blocked, for example by long-suppressed feelings.

The concept of Reiki includes the idea that life energy only flows to where it is needed. In this way, the Reiki master can never transmit «too much» energy to the patient, because the body only absorbs the amount of energy that it actually needs.

The more energy flows during a treatment, the greater the blockage or energy poverty of the corresponding energy field. According to Reiki practitioners, the master never transfers his or her own energy but simply «opens» a channel for the patient so that the patient can receive the vital energy again.

120 CHF for a 55-minute session
60 CHF for a 30 minute session

Socio-aesthetics (workshops)

Socio-aesthetics is the professional practice of aesthetic care adapted to populations suffering and weakened by an attack on their physical integrity (illness, accident, old age...), psychological (mental illness, addictions...) and/or social distress.
The starting point of our «self-confidence» workshops is active listening. Our therapist adapts to your situation and your needs. A socio-aesthetics session is a time for listening to the relationship with the body, the effects of the disease and the treatments. This practice is part of the care project defined by the multidisciplinary teams.
Our workshops are held monthly and each time a different theme is addressed.

Price: 35 CHF per 120-minute workshop (group)


Sophrology is a psycho-physical method which helps each person to develop a serene consciousness by means of personal training based on relaxation techniques and activation of the body and mind.
Its objective is to help people take care of themselves and their health, find a better mind-body balance, self-regulate stress and emotions, reinforce positive attitudes and values in everyday life, develop a better relationship with themselves and others, and develop their autonomy, both in the professional and personal fields.
Sophrology can be practiced in street clothes or in comfortable clothing.
Apolitical and secular, sophrology is for people of all ages, at all stages of life, respecting the values, beliefs and opinions of each person.

Price: 130 CHF per 60-minute session


Tai-Chi is based on the principles and theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including the concept of Yin and Yang and the theory of meridians.
Tai-Chi is based on philosophical principles and aims to increase awareness of one's own body and environment. The method, which is also called «shadow-boxing», is a combination of movement, breathing, concentration and meditation. The sequence of movements aims to stimulate the flow of vital Qi energy, activate the body's immune system and calm the mind.
This therapy is recognised as a preventive measure against diseases. It has become a popular sport, especially in the morning hours in the parks of large cities.

Price: CHF 35 per 60-minute class (group)


Yoga is an ancient discipline originating from India which means to link, to unite, to concentrate. It is a holistic approach that treats the human being as a whole. It is a practice not only on the physical level but also on the energetic and emotional level. It is one of the oldest methods to help the body regain its physical and mental resources.
Emotional disturbances such as illness, fear or stress have a negative impact on the body and can disrupt its homeostasis.
Yogatherapy helps to better manage difficult emotions, to identify areas of imbalance, to reduce muscular tension, to calm joint pain, to restore energy, and to regain balance, through exercises, postures, breathing and relaxation techniques.

Price: CHF 35 per 60-minute class (group)

Our therapists

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Siu King Cheung

Clinique Générale-Beaulieu

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