The philosophy of the Clinique Générale is based on five main axes that make our clinic a better place to live.

These have been laid down as a foundation since the establishment of this facility, and they have been consolidated and evolved over time.


We treat everyone with respect and equality, recognising their values and actions. Our relationships and care are characterised by humanity. Integrity and fairness in our dealings with others are essential to us.


In all circumstances, we aim for the highest quality in the care of patients and the services we provide. We always seek the optimal solution. Both individually and collectively, we share this responsibility.


We know that we cannot do it alone. Everyone has a role to play: patients and their families, employees and doctors. Our communication is transparent. We take into account what the other person thinks is important.


We are dynamic and act pragmatically. We use the right means to achieve our goals.


We are close to our patients, their family doctors and our partners. We are anchored in our canton.