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About us

For 90 years, we have been putting our patients first.

Thanks to specialised and adapted medical care, an experienced medical team and competent doctors, the Clinique Générale has built up a solid reputation within our canton.

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Our doctors are all recognised for their skills and expertise in their respective fields. This is particularly true of the following medical specialities: orthopaedics, neurosurgery, surgery, gynaecology, ENT, oncology and pain management.

Surgical procedures

With its 4 operating theatres, the Clinique Générale has an exceptional technical platform that allows for numerous surgical possibilities.


Our employees are dedicated to the patients who come to us every day. The clinic makes it a point of honour to ensure that each person feels welcomed, cared for and listened to. All our teams are there to respond to your needs in a caring manner.

Please note that our establishment is a training centre and ensures the succession of health professionals for the future.


Semi-private and private rooms, also available with basic insurance, are available within the clinic in a very pleasant environment close to nature. The majority of the rooms are located on the south side of the building, with an unobstructed view of the forest and the Maigrauge, ensuring calm and serenity. The hotel also offers a premium service with 13 brand new rooms, all of which are of a very high standard of hotel comfort. With an upgrade, some rooms are accessible to holders of basic insurance (LAMal).


A specialist for every speciality

Experienced specialists with an excellent reputation, who themselves greatly appreciate the state-of-the-art medical technology infrastructure. On this basis, they are able to provide a high level of performance for the benefit of their patients, be it in diagnosis, treatment or rehabilitation.

Out-patient department

Our outpatient department welcomes you in the best conditions: limitation of transfers, optimisation of your comfort, total safety in terms of the microbiological environment.

Welcome to the Clinique Générale



The congregation of the St Thomas de Villeneuve sisters established the Clinique Garcia in Fribourg.

Purchase of the «Clinique du Dr Gustave Clément» in Fribourg, dating from 1904. The clinic, with a capacity of 40 beds, is named «Clinique St-Anne». 18 sisters from the Lucerne congregation work there.

At the same time, the community is active in Lugano, Zurich, Witikon and the canton of Fribourg.

Extensive alterations to the clinic: construction of operating theatres on the ground floor; delivery rooms on the first floor and conversion of two floors into rooms. Purchase of plots of land and gardens.

Purchase of the former Villa Martha on the present site of the clinic.

Construction of a western annex with a chapel, a dining room and two patient rooms. The capacity is increased to 60 beds.

Demolition of the old Villa Martha and preparation of plans for the new St. Anne's Clinic.

Construction of the current clinic, which can accommodate 120 adults, 17 children and 26 newborns. At that time, the community has 36 sisters.

The old clinic is transformed into a staff house. (The former Dr Gustave Clément Clinic becomes the new Villa Martha)

The Sisters of St. Anne's rent the St. Anne's Clinic to the College of Physicians. This arrangement lasts until 1988.

Purchase from M. Morard

At the end of the year, Mr. Marcel Morard buys the Clinique St-Anne as well as the other buildings on the property.

Following the change of ownership of the Clinic and the creation of the New Operating Company, the last five sisters still present and active in the establishment were recalled to their congregation in Lucerne.

On 24 August, these sisters were celebrated and thanked for all the work and dedication they had given to the patients of Fribourg over many years.

Start of the transformation: 18 million francs are invested in renovating the building and modernising the equipment.

The work is completed at the end of May. The clinic now has a capacity of 100 beds for adults and children and 18 baby cots.

On 24 May, the new clinic and the building we still know today were inaugurated.

Integration into Swiss Medical Network

The Swiss Medical Network Group takes over the two clinics (Clinique Garcia and Clinique St-Anne) and merges them.

The Swiss Medical Network Group undertakes major renovations at Clinique St-Anne for a total of 6 million francs.

All hospital activities are transferred to Clinique Ste-Anne. The Clinique Garcia is sold to the State of Fribourg in order to build the Adolphe Merkle Institute for the development of nanotechnology.

The Clinique Générale celebrates its 10th anniversary and just over 80 years as a reference point in the Fribourg hospital landscape.

Clinique Générale St-Anne celebrates its 90th anniversary. It has 60 inpatient beds and 11 outpatient places. Nearly 65 registered doctors and 127 employees offer patients first-class medical care in a personalised atmosphere and pleasant environment.

Constantly striving for excellence and modernity, the Clinique Générale is planning new projects for the coming years, while maintaining its basic values by placing the patient at the centre of its interests

Quality management

We have been doing everything possible to guarantee patient safety for years. Our goals are ambitious and a dedicated team is in place to ensure that they are achieved.

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Quality management

Medical infrastructure


ISO 9001:2015 – Swiss Safety Center (SSC)

Some of our clinics are certified according to this standard, which is widely used and comparable both nationally and internationally. It shows the requirements that have to be implemented with regard to customer needs as well as product and service quality. The standard is thus a proven instrument for increasing the transparency of operational processes and subsequently optimising the efficiency of corporate performance. The annual review by the certification body SSC also ensures continuous and sustainable improvement of the management system.

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Swiss Leading Hospitals (SLH)

As a member clinic, we are committed to the highest quality standards in all areas of the clinic. Compliance with these standards is checked every two years by a neutral certification body and ensures that our above-average performance is maintained in the medium and long term. A combination of performance and development criteria encourages continuous improvement, thereby strengthening our role in quality assurance in the Swiss hospital landscape. The result is tangible quality for our patients, which can carry the «BEST IN CLASS» label.

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