About us

Privatklinik Obach prides itself in tradition and innovation. Our aim is to provide you with the best treatment tailored to your needs with the utmost competent assessment. Our experienced interdisciplinary teams guarantee treatments of the highest quality.

Find out more about the clinic itself, its rich history and its 100th anniversary.

Attending doctors

Our accredited doctors offer a wide and high-quality range of medical services. They work closely with our other specialist departments to guarantee you the best possible and fully comprehensive treatment before and after your operation.

Surgical procedures

Surgical procedures are carried out at the Privatklinik Obach after a detailed diagnosis and, if necessary, with the involvement of other specialists. Whenever possible, we rely on conservative therapies. Surgical procedures are performed in three operating theatres in accordance to the highest standards of quality and hygiene.


Your health and well-being are our top priority. We maintain our high quality standards with ongoing education and training. With our programmes for trainees (apprenticeships, internships), we also help to promote the workers of tomorrow.


Our single and multi-bed rooms are bright and modernly furnished to make your stay at the clinic as pleasant as possible.


Privatklinik Obach offers first-class medical care in the following specialties: Orthopaedics, Urology, General Surgery, Gynaecology and ENT.

Our rich history

Privatklinik Obach celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2022. Reason enough to take a look at the clinic's eventful past. Find out more about the clinic's rich history here:


Founding of the Privatklinik Obach by seven doctors

The history of the Privatklinik Obach begins in 1922. The clinic building, which was built in 1905, served mainly as a residential house at that time; only a small part of the premises was intended for clinical use. In 1922, the owner Dr. Paul Pfaehler sold the house and garden to clinic co-founder Dr. Ernst Forster.
Dr. Ernst Forster found six other doctors who were willing to contribute financially to a private clinic - thus founding the Verein Privatklinik Obach on the 25th of September 1922.

After the renovation work in Dr. Pfaehler's former residence, clinical activity in the Privatklinik Obach began on 30th of September 1922 with 6 patients.


Conversion into a cooperative

As early as 1922, a considerable part of the hospital's activities consisted of administrative tasks. The board of directors at the time was concerned with recruiting staff, drawing up operating regulations, regulating finances and relations with the health insurance companies.

By the end of the 1920s, the clinic was bursting at the seams: Because of the limited space, patients had to wait weeks for an operation. In 1926, the general assembly therefore decided to convert the characteristic residential building and integrate it into the clinic.


The next hospital extension

In 1928, another phase of renovation was completed, but already in the following year a bed lift was installed and further renovations were carried out. The aim was to compare to the impending competition from the Bürgerspital at Schöngrün; the latter opened its doors on 1.5.1930.


Completion of the nursery for 6 newborns

In 1933, the long-awaited maternity was built. It offered space for 6 babies and one adult. The costs amounted to 12'000 CHF.
At that time, births took place primarily in the operating theatres. With this, the Privatklinik Obach laid the foundation for the next 93 years - the Obach became widely known as a maternity clinic.


More construction - 40 new beds

Once again, lack of space and damage to the roof were the triggers for renewed construction work, which lasted from May to the end of September. Clinic operations continued unaffected, while the following new rooms were built:

  • On the 2nd new floor: 14 staff rooms, 1 bathroom and 2 toilets.
  • On the 1st floor: 2 single rooms and 3 three-bed rooms.

This meant that five additional patients could be admitted and the staff could enjoy additional rooms for themselves.


Addition of 2 operating theatres

Although there was a lack of momentum and activity at Privatklinik Obach at the beginning of the 1970s, investments were again made in the extension. This was partly because the members of the cooperative decided to take on new doctors.

With the start of construction of the therapy wing in 1973, a modern surgery department with 2 rooms including preparation and side rooms was built on the ground floor. At the same time, rooms for physiotherapy and doctors' surgeries were created in the basement.

1978 - 1980

Renovation work on the old building and conversion of the 2nd floor

The activities of the clinic intensified - once again there was a considerable lack of space. In 1978, renovations began on the maternity ward and in the treatment wing, with the aim of gaining space for new beds.

In 1980, vacant rooms on the second floor were converted into two new medical practices and a second bed lift was installed on the outside of the clinic.


Ground-breaking ceremony for new southern wing

Patients' demands for comfort in the hospital began to rise continuously. In addition, the bed capacity expanded again, which is why the cooperative decided on generous structural extensions to the clinic.

The ground-breaking ceremony took place on 30 May 1994, with the first stage of construction being completed at the end of 1994. With the partial completion of the work, the newly constructed south wing could be occupied at the end of 1995. In the meantime, construction work continued, and in November 1996 the western bed wing was ready for occupation. It was not until 1997 that all the work was completed - reason enough to celebrate the reopening of the clinic with a total of 52 beds at an open door day in June 1997.


Emergence of the MDZ

On the land that the clinic acquired south of the Obach, two blocks are designed and the Medizinische Dienstleistungszentrum is founded. The MDC sees itself as an independent subsidiary of the cooperative and is to provide space for activities related to the Obach.


Integration into Swiss Medical Network and conversion from cooperative to AG

In the course of the integration, the Privatklinik Obach, founded in 1922 as a cooperative, was converted into a public limited company on 9 January 2012 and integrated into the Vaud hospital group with headquarters in Genolier.
The 39 doctors and members of the cooperative sold their shares in the cooperative to the private hospital group. Swiss Medical Network integrated a total of three hospitals that year - in addition to Obach, the two Ticino hospitals Clinica Ars Medica and Clinica Sant'Anna are also integrated.


Investments and structural measures

The new owner also continued to invest in the expansion and renovation of the clinic. The reception area was renovated and the Leopold's restaurant was given a new look. At the same time, wards C and D were renovated and modernised.


Closing of the maternity at Obach

Obstetrics at the Privatklinik Obach was merged with its partner clinic Villa im Park, and no more babies have been born at the Obach since then. This step marked the end of an era. Even today, the Obach is still the birth clinic in Solothurn for the population and is associated with many fond memories from back then.


Renovation work on the bathrooms in 4-bed rooms

The Privatklinik Obach is once again investing in its premises and is installing showers and toilets in the 4-bed rooms that previously had the bathrooms on the corridor, thus improving the stay in the general rooms with 4 beds.

Our anniversary events

As part of our centenary celebrations, the Privatklinik Obach is holding various festivities and celebrations for its many different stakeholders:

The Privatklinik Obach is celebrating its 100th birthday!

We would like to thank all doctors, staff, partners and neighbours for the great work and support they provide every day!

In the context of this great anniversary, the Privatklinik Obach is planning quite a few things!

On the weekend of 9 and 10 September 2022, there was a lot going on at the Privatklinik Obach!

On Friday 9 September , we welcomed around 50 invited guests from politics and business: In addition to Chairman of the Board Raymond Loretan and ad interim Director Philipp Gasche, Cantonal Councillor Susanne Schaffner addressed the participants.
An interesting exchange and exciting discussions followed at the aperitif, which rounded off the successful evening.

The clinic was bursting at the seams - for once not because of our patients' cars, but because of the visitors to our Open Door Day: more than 600 people took a look behind the scenes of our clinic, were shown various surgical equipment, instruments and exercise boxes, peered into our bright, attractive patient rooms and enjoyed a delicious hot dog from the clinic kitchen on our beautiful terrace.

Those interested in sports were also well cared for: things got physical at the Physio centre... At the end, you could pose in front of the photo booth and take a small souvenir home with you.

The Privatklinik Obach was overwhelmed by the immense interest of the people of Solothurn. We would like to thank everyone for coming - it was great to have you with us!

On 10 June 2022, we were finally able to celebrate once again: The staff event of Obach and the Ärztezentrums Solothurn took place in an urban ambience and in excellent weather.

It could not have been more beautiful: Warm temperatures invited people to linger and the sun showed its best side, turning the Attisholz site into a wonderful summer location by the water.

Find out more about the festivitieshere.

We thank everyone for coming out in large numbers and hope they enjoyed it just as much!

Successful MPA event at Obach

Despite the wonderful summer evening, around 40 medical practice assistants accepted the invitation to the exclusive MPA event:

Roger Geu, Head of Onboard Product & Service Processes Cabin at Swiss International Airline gave an insight into the training of cabin staff with regard to demanding clientele. Our guests were able to benefit from the tips and tricks of the Swiss cabin crew in a lively exchange.

The event was rounded off with a visit to the clinic, including a look into the operating theatre, and an aperitif. As a souvenir, all participants received a small gift from the Nescens cosmetics range.

A successful evening at the Obach - it was a pleasure to welcome so many important contacts!

Obach shapes the region

Read what our employees, managers, partners as well as patients think about the Obach:

Dorothea Rüttimann, Certified Nurse, Advanced Diploma of Higher Education

"I have been working at Privatklinik Obach for 10 years.
As I have strong ties to the region, I know many clients and staff personally.
My ideal place of work; idyllically located, easily accessible and interesting.
The patient contact from all regions of Switzerland fills me with joy."

Hasan Badti, hotel employee

"I have been working at the Privatklinik Obach for 4 years and whenever I tell someone about it, I realise what a good name Obach has and that makes me proud to be able to work here. I enjoy coming to work every day and I really enjoy it. I wish Privaktlinik Obach only the best for its 100th anniversary!"

Milena Jäggi, Assistant to the Executive Board

"I have been working at the Privatklinik Obach for 7 years now. I really appreciate the familiar atmosphere. This is also well received by the patients."

Claudia Schluep, Head of Purchasing and Logistics

"I was born here and have worked at the Privatklinik Obach for 22 years. For me, Obach means family and I want to stay here until I retire and continue working for this small, cosy clinic."

Monika Jordi, patient

"I was born in Obach. My three children were born here, the clinic is almost like home. It brings back so many memories, it's so familiar and emotional - I've experienced so much here. A lot has changed in the meantime, but it's great! Yesterday my two sons came to visit me and we had dinner on the terrace, it was wonderful. I don't feel like I'm in a hospital here, I just feel comfortable here."

Adrian Eugster, Dosim, Head of Projects FM

"I feel very comfortable in the Obach environment and really appreciate the familiar and collegial interaction! The Privatklinik Obach has a renowned name in the Solothurn region with a long and traditional history in the background. Personally, I feel very grateful to be treated as an external partner like one of the «Obachianer» and find the team spirit on site, which is felt and also exemplified every day, very inspiring and great! Thank you for the great cooperation."

Regina Wyss, MPA and deputy reception manager

"I have known the Privatklinik Obach since I was a child, as my mother used to work here and through her I naturally also got to know Bernadette Allemann, who was in charge of patient admission here for over 40 years. It was a special moment for me when I started working at her reception almost 20 years ago.
I have experienced many changes, but the clinic has grown close to my heart over the years.
I find the diversity of my job, which gives me contact with all the staff, very enriching and I wouldn't want to miss it."

Ursula Müller, Certified Expert in Anaesthesia Nursing NDS HF

"The Privatklinik Obach is, as they say, small but nice. It's easy to make personal contacts, which I personally like very much.
Equally, I find it important that I can do my work according to safety standards and that my work is appreciated."

Eveline Meyer, patient

"I feel very much taken care of here. It's all very familiar and everyone is friendly and competent, even the chauffeur was super pleasant. The food is very good and everything just works smoothy. Dr. Valderrabano recommended Privatklinik Obach to me and I am very satisfied. He is a great doctor. "

Manfred Kuonen, patient

"Everything is very good. There is always someone there if you need something, I particularly appreciate that. The food is top. I also like that the clinic is so close to the centre, but everything is still very quiet and green."

Simone Dellsperger, Head of Patient Administration

"I associate Obach with a high-level clinic in a family setting.
I enjoy my work very much because it is very varied and totally versatile and always challenges you anew."

Erkurt Bozkurt, patient

"It is very special, I feel very comfortable here. From the very beginning you are in the best hands. I am really very positively surprised and can highly recommend the Privatklinik Obach! The food is super. "

Tanja Waser, Head of OP

"If I can dream it, I can do it (my life motto). Through Privatklinik Obach new doors have opened for me, it is not just an employer for me, but we are like a big family."

Tanja Rölli, Deputy Director

"My brother was born in Obach; I still remember how we visited my mummy and him. When I set foot in the clinic for the first time, I never imagined that I would later work there!"

Cyrill Strahm, chauffeur

"I like Obach mainly because of its family atmosphere, the great cooperation among the staff and the enormous trust that is placed in you from all sides."

Lara Häring, Employee Marketing and Communication

"The Privatklinik Obach with its personal charm and pleasant atmosphere is truly amazing!"