Together for the well-being of our patients

The actions and deeds of our employees are geared towards a single goal: The well-being of our patients. The daily work at the Privatklinik Obach is therefore characterised by the following four guiding principles:

We are specialised

We want to provide all patients with the best possible medical care from the specialists of their choice. The selection of our doctors and staff is based on this. We manage our clinic professionally. In our work we take medical progress into account as quickly as possible. The professional and personal development of all our staff is a matter of great concern to us.

We are committed

It is important to us to respond to each patient.
Our aim is to provide personal care in a pleasant atmosphere. Cheerfulness and friendliness should be transferred to the patients. We promote well-being and hospitality by taking care of details. We work as a team. We are capable of learning, we do not avoid problems. We deal with the scope and limits of our work.

We are efficient

Our work should meet the highest standards. Quality assurance, continuing education and cost control keep us efficient as an institution. For us, the future is a challenge that we want to master with courage and dynamics. We are open to new ideas.

Intact interpersonal relationships, an excellent infrastructure, professionalism and seriousness as well as responsible thinking and acting on the part of all employees are the focal points of our endeavours.

The same standards we expect from us and our employees, we also expect from our external partners. We expect them to provide their services with the same basic attitude and in accordance with our values, and together we provide the best possible service.

We are kind

We are a private clinic with tradition. Our manageable size creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Many people feel connected to us because they or their children being born here. As a patient, relative, visitor or employee, you feel at home with us.

We take our patients seriously. They are in good hands with us. We respect their needs. We avoid words like «have to» and «quickly».

We take our time.

Our mission

As a member of the national healthcare network Swiss Medical Network, we make us of synergies in all areas for the benefit of patients, our medical staff and our employees.

By applying a high level of expertise in all disciplines, we offer modern and evidence-based, high-class services.

The continuous development of our staff forms the basis for the future of our clinic and our medical services.

Our vision

We want to represent independent, private medicine in the Swiss Medical Network and be an attractive and active component in the hospital landscape of the Canton of Solothurn and the Mittelland.

The clinic should be characterised by first-class healthcare, individual and competent care and excellent hotel services.

Furthermore, we strive to be an important and interesting employer in the sector and in Solothurn.