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Our successful concept consists of a combination of experienced, emeritus and young gynaecologists. We are a sympathetic, friendly and respectful team and are committed to you every day with motivation and joy for our profession. Even in hectic situations, we remain calm and carefully attend to your needs.

As part of Swiss Medical Network, Ladies Permanence Stadelhofen offers high-quality and professional emergency care in the field of gynaecology and obstetrics. Our gynaecologists have empathy, act mindfully, with appreciation and respect, and demonstrate years of experience and numerous further training courses on specific topics. All of them work as senior physicians with the corresponding FMH titles.


Nina Salvisberg

Director Ladies Permanence Stadelhofen, Ärztezentrum Oerlikon
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As the general manager of the Ladies Permanence, Nina Salvisberg is responsible of the coordination with hospitals, personal matters, internal processes, administrative tasks as well as the entire recording of services. She has overseen the planning and construction process of our modern and centrally located practice in Stadelhofen.

Thanks to her years of experience as the head and coordinator of a women’s practice, she is able to make use of her extensive expertise in the health sector. She understands the needs and concerns of the patients, medical staff and hospitals.

With her open mind, motivating and communicative nature (in addition to German, she speaks French and English), Ms. Salvisberg creates a pleasant working environment, which benefits everyone at the Ladies Permanence. She always has an open ear for the concerns of the patients and employees, and always remains calm in hectic situations while managing to put a smile on your face.

Dr. med. Susanne Baer Altorfer

Dr. med. Aline Hohl

Medical practice assistants

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A. Stricker

Mission statement

Ladies Permanence Stadelhofen is part of Swiss Medical Network, one of the two leading private hospital groups in Switzerland. With our experienced team of gynaecologists, we tailor treatment to the needs of our patients at all times. Our services are convincing due to first-class medicine, competent care, excellent services and the cooperation with the doctors of the Privatklinik Bethanien.

As an innovative and dynamic company, Swiss Medical Network is always one step ahead in the healthcare sector. Patient safety has top priority and our cooperation is characterised by respect, appreciation and empathy. Active continuing education is a matter of course for us and we are an attractive employer in the region.

We are transparent, professional, partnership-based and service-oriented.