Centre for Physiotherapy

The Centre for Physiotherapy of the Clinique Générale-Beaulieu accompanies you in all phases of your rehabilitation.

Our team of physiotherapists offers you specific programmes while working in close collaboration with the other members of the health staff.


The centre has the most advanced rehabilitation equipment - CO2, power, soft and mild lasers, isokinetic devices, Cybex, NORM - as well as all modern electrotherapy techniques - ultrasound, short, low and medium waves, portable electro-stimulators with individual programmes, Compex and Neurotec.

In addition, hydrotherapy with a movable floor, a cloverleaf hydromassage pool and a swimming pool at 35°C (see photo) complete this functional rehabilitation unit, which fits in perfectly with the Sports Medicine Unit and the Centre Cardio Plus for cardiac rehabilitation.

In physiotherapy and rehabilitation, the group of physiotherapists is specialised in P.R., global postural re-education, manual and mechanical lymphatic drainage, endermology, osteopathy, rehabilitative gymnastics, proprioception, muscular reinforcement, as well as in the various aspects of massage (relaxation and musculo-tendinous stimulation).

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Opening hours

Open from Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 18:30 (without interruption during the lunch break)


Clinique Générale-Beaulieu
Chemin Beau-Soleil 20
1206 Geneva