Privatklinik Lindberg constantly strives to meet the highest standards and to make the stay of patients as pleasant as possible. It is characterised by its comfort, open communication culture and friendly atmosphere. Our management is the operative body that leads Privatklinik Lindberg in these areas and represents its interests externally.

Management and leadership

Our team looks after you competently, sympathetically and individually. We work in a trusting atmosphere within the team and with you.

Corina Müller-Rohr

Head of ZH/SG/SH regions | Director Privatklinik Lindberg, Privatklinik Belair
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After obtaining a Master of Science ETH in Pharmacy in Zurich and a degree as a federally certified pharmacist, she managed a pharmacy in Zurich before moving into the pharmaceutical industry. After holding various management positions in sales and marketing, she took over as Head of Clinic Development German-speaking Switzerland at Swiss Medical Network in 2013. Later, she took on the overall management of clinic and corporate development at the two private clinics Bethanien and Lindberg. From October 2018 until the end of September 2019, she was also Deputy Director of the Privatklinik Bethanien. Since 1 October 2019, she has been Director of Privatklinik Belair in Schaffhausen. In July 2021, she also became Director of Privatklinik Lindberg and took over the regional management of Zurich/St. Gallen/Schaffhausen.

Medical management

As a guarantor of the spirit of excellence of the Privatklinik
Lindberg, the medical director is the contact person for the
cantonal health authorities. It is therefore his
task to ensure that the clinic's activities and
the quality of the medical and paramedical teams
correspond to the level of requirements and performance
that apply in the best medical institutions. He advises
the Board of Directors and the Management in medical matters,
taking into account new scientific and medical
knowledge and developments. They are therefore
informed about important medical projects and plans of the Executive Board
of Directors and is involved in the
decision-making process.
In addition, they ensure that the comfort and quality of
care are proportionate to the surgical or medical treatment
that meets .
the highest standards. Finally, he always has an open
ear for the staff at all times to provide them with support and assistance.
and assistance.

Medical Director of the Privatklinik Lindberg

Dr. Thomas Hotz, MD

+41 52 266 12 75

Nursing management

We have well-trained nursing staff with a high sense of responsibility, who constantly undergo further professional training and attach great importance to high quality and safety in medical and nursing care.

Management of OP-operations and purchasing

The highly qualified and specialised team in the operating theatre works according to the latest hygienic standards and attends regular further training courses in order to ensure that the care of patients in the operating theatre is carried out in an indication-appropriate, planned and structured manner.
The professional, competent and respectful care of patients during their entire stay in the operating theatre is our primary goal. The interdisciplinary interaction of the various professional groups, such as specialists in surgical technology, positional nursing, anaesthesia nursing and doctors, helps to ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the entire process in the operating theatre and receive the best possible care.

Direction Hospitality