Emergency service

Fortunately, emergencies are rare. However, if something should happen and your doctor is not available, we are there for you: In the 24-hour emergency at Privatklinik Lindberg, all patients are received around the clock and without long waiting times.

As Privatklinik Lindberg does not specialise in paediatric medicine, we recommend that you contact a paediatric or cantonal hospital in an emergency.

If you wish to visit our 24-hour emergency service, be sure to register in advance.

The 24-hour emergency

Fortunately, emergencies rarely occur. However, if something should happen and your doctor is not available, we are there for you. In our 24-hour emergency, all patients are received without long waiting times.

Rapid operations

The competent team of specialists at the Privatklinik Lindberg will treat you in accordance with the diagnosis made and will call in the relevant specialists if necessary. If necessary, the 24-hour emergency unit of the Privatklinik Lindberg is also ready for surgical interventions and operations at any time, thanks to its well-coordinated medical team with emergency doctor and its four operating theatres, which are fully equipped to the latest standards.

Uncomplicated admission

In certain situations it is preferable for patients to stay overnight at Privatklinik Lindberg. In this case, we always have a single or double room ready for you. It goes without saying that the admission process is made as simple as possible.

No additional costs for patients with supplementary hospital insurance for inpatient stays

The emergency service of the Privatklinik Lindberg bills according to the tariffs of the respective health insurance company; for patients with semi-private or private insurance, there are therefore no further costs for an inpatient stay.
If you are admitted as an inpatient with general insurance (overnight), the clinic will ask for a deposit and prepare an offer for a self-payer.