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Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on a system of vital energies in the body (Qi), which circulate along meridians and influence all bodily functions. It offers alternative methods of treating physical complaints. However, it is not a substitute for a necessary operation.

TCM AM LINDBERG, Dr med Bettina Keller and Markus Hofer


The Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine at Lindberg offers itself as a valuable complement to conservative and surgical methods for various clinical pictures.
Acupuncture, Tuina, Chinese and Ayurvedic phytotherapy form the basis of a competent, complementary
medical treatment in the TCM practice on the Lindberg. Disease patterns of the internal medicine and the musculoskeletal system are treated. This is either in addition to western therapy or as an independent form of treatment. Great importance is also attached to prevention.
Naturally, paediatrics is also included here, so that recurring complaints do not develop into chronic clinical pictures.


TCM at the Lindberg
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Dr. med. Bettina Keller-Werner

Traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine