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Plastic and reconstructive surgery is concerned with adjusting parts of the body that have abnormalities.

Practice Dr med Angelo M. Biraima


In the practice of Dr med Angelo M. Biraima, the best possible treatment and therapy is achieved through detailed consultation and preliminary clarification.

The patient with his individual needs is in the foreground, therefore it is important to develop a tailor-made treatment concept. In order to meet these expectations and to guarantee the highest possible quality of life and feeling of well-being in one's own body, a great deal of focus is placed on further training and specialisation. Furthermore, from the constantly evolving range of treatment options and technologies, the ones that best suit you are chosen.


Practice Dr med Angelo Biraima
Privatklinik Lindberg
Schickstrasse 11
8400 Winterthur

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Dr. med. Angelo Biraima

Plastic surgery, General surgery, Hand surgery

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