Quality management

The quality approach of the Clinique de Valère, a member of the Swiss Medical Network, is part of the group's strategy, which aims at excellence of service for its patients and doctors at all times.


We offer personalised attention to the patient in a high quality and pleasant environment aimed at well-being and actively participating in the recovery of health.

We take into account the needs and choices of each patient. We make every effort to build a relationship of trust while respecting the rights and duties of each individual.

We ensure that communication is targeted, carried out at the right time and with the right people.

We approve doctors recognised for their expertise and provide them with a high-performance and innovative technical platform.

We promote the continuous training of our employees in order to maintain and develop their know-how to ensure ever safer and more efficient care.

We focus our management on a risk prevention and continuous improvement approach in order to increase the quality and safety of our services and the satisfaction of our patients, doctors and staff.

We are committed to avoiding waste, sorting our waste and controlling our energy consumption in order to protect the environment and reduce costs.

We comply with regulatory, legal and normative requirements.
We promote and develop a feedback culture in the interests of continuous improvement.

We expect every employee to guarantee these principles and to become an active role in the continuous improvement of quality in the establishment in which they work, but also at the level of the Swiss Medical Network group.