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Since 1905, our establishment has welcomed patients in search of calm and personalised care. With more than 115 years of experience and history in the service of health, the Clinique Valmont is today a leading establishment in rehabilitation, thanks to its unequalled therapeutic efficiency, its competent teams and its state-of-the-art technical facilities.

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Our clinic is proud to have a large number of employees who are fully dedicated to the care of our patients. Listening to you is one of our priorities.

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The clinic enjoys an excellent reputation in the field of orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation, which is due in particular to the strong commitment of all our highly qualified staff.


The clinic has a 1'500m2 technical platform, including all the tools necessary for rehabilitation, including state-of-the-art facilities to promote rapid and continuous rehabilitation.


12 occupational therapists, 25 physiotherapists and sports teachers, 9 speech therapists and neuropsychologists form the centre of excellence of the Clinique Valmont. Our therapists offer individualised therapies adapted to the pathology of each patient.


Our clinic offers spacious and bright rooms. The layout and quality of the infrastructure give the place a warm and welcoming dimension. Our admissions department focuses its efforts on finding the most suitable room for you, based on your medical needs. In addition, the majority of our rooms have a view of the majestic Alps and Lake Geneva.


All our doctors are at your disposal to ensure optimal and individualised care. Do not hesitate to address your specific requests to them, they are at your disposal to accompany you in the course of your care.


In addition to the traditional rooms, the clinic has 7 suites and 19 junior suites with generous dimensions that have all the qualities of a top-of-the-range hotel.

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Founded in 1905 by Doctor Henri Auguste Widmer, a doctor open to the most innovative practices and a great lover of art, the Clinique Valmont initially welcomed patients suffering from digestive and nutritional disorders and neurasthenia.

It immediately met with great success thanks to a clever combination of attractive landscapes, a welcome worthy of the best Swiss hotels and innovative treatments such as diets, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, heliotherapy and air baths.

An international clientele of artists and politicians, including Léon Blum, Rainer Maria Rilke, Giovanni Giacometti and the Belgian royal family, flocked to the hotel.

Despite the First World War, the clinic was a success for 20 years, followed by periods of revival and disgrace. In the meantime, the guest book was enriched with illustrious names such as Claudia Cardinal, Marcel Pagnol, Louis Aragon, Coco Chanel, Placido Domingo ...

In the 1980s, Valmont became the first clinic in Switzerland entirely dedicated to aesthetics before refocusing on rehabilitation in 1993.

In 2006, the Clinique Valmont was acquired by Swiss Medical Network. Swiss Medical Network is one of the largest networks of private clinics in Switzerland, operating in all three language regions. Its main objective is to offer first-class hospital care to Swiss and foreign patients. Today, the Clinique Valmont focuses exclusively on orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation.

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All the professionals at the Clinique Valmont are committed to guaranteeing you the highest quality and safety of care on a daily basis.

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