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Quality management

All the professionals at the Clinique Valmont are committed to guaranteeing you the highest quality and safety of care every day.

Our objectives

Over the years, the Clinique Valmont has developed a genuine quality culture within the establishment in order to offer ideal and personalised care to all our patients. This policy of continuous improvement is defined through several objectives:

To develop an optimal care offer, in accordance with our vocation as a private establishment

Ensure that patients are informed about their state of health and that their rights are respected

To ensure the quality of pain management, nutrition and care

To be part of a risk prevention approach and dynamic thanks to the use of screening scales (e.g.: undernutrition, bedsores)

Develop a strong safety culture

To perpetuate the existing evaluation process and involve the teams by communicating the results and their evolution

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Quality policy

Our quality management is organised according to Deming's PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act). This simple method enables us to continually improve our day-to-day actions.

Customer satisfaction, integration into care, patient safety, professionalism, quality of care and indications, and sustainable development are at the heart of this approach.

For more information, please see our detailed Group-wide quality policy below.

Quality indicators

Our membership of the National Association for Quality Development (ANQ) allows us to evaluate quality in the field of rehabilitation. The results allow transparent comparisons to be made at national level, from which we can develop targeted strategies.

A vigilance referent on the most demanding points has also been set up:

  • material vigilance
  • haemovigilance (swissmedic)
  • pharmacovigilance (swissmedic)
  • hospital hygiene (in accordance with the current French-speaking HPCI standards)

The clinic also has an ad hoc committee that coordinates the implementation of the quality and risk management programme to ensure your safety at the highest level.

Our specialists

At the Clinique Valmont, there are staff members who are dedicated to the quality of our establishment, both towards patients and staff.

HPCI Nurse - Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Control

The HPCI nurse's tasks are to organise, coordinate and implement actions relating to the recommendations on Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Control and to ensure that these measures are applied. As an expert, they play a role in the prevention and monitoring of infectious risks and is involved in training employees.

Within the Clinique Valmont, they have a transversal and multidisciplinary action in order to guarantee the safety of the care provided to patients.

Health and Safety at Work

The role of the Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator is to support the management, line managers and employees in the execution of their tasks related to occupational safety and health protection.

Together with the MSST committee and the specialists of H+, the national association of private and public health care institutions, they co-organise thematic training courses and participates in the audits of the Clinique Valmont. Faced with the various occupational risks present at the workplace, it proposes objectives and measures to improve working conditions for all employees.

The Clinique Valmont is a member of the following professional associations.


National Association for Quality Development

ANQ's mandate is to define relevant quality indicators, to conduct quality measurements to provide the national comparison and to communicate the measurement results transparently.

The Swiss Medical Network institutions take part in the ANQ surveys every year. The results enable the institutions to compare themselves with hospitals and clinics nationwide and to take targeted measures to improve the patient experience.

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Together with the employee organisations in the healthcare sector, H+ has developed an industry solution for the implementation of the legal provisions regarding occupational safety and health protection. This also includes regular hazard identification in the hospitals in order to reduce safety risks, create optimal working conditions for employees and prevent illnesses or accidents through sustainable absence management.

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