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More than 130 employees work for the well-being of our patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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Clinique Valmont offers a variety of different jobs in the following fields:

  • Nursing
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech therapy and neuropsychology
  • Hospitality and catering
  • Administration
  • Doctors

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Why join Clinique Valmont ?

Atmosphere and family spirit

Clinique Valmont is above all a unique and close-knit team at the service of the patient. From the moment you arrive at the clinic, you will feel the family spirit that reigns among our staff.


Innovation plays a vital role in our core business: rehabilitation. This is why Clinique Valmont aims to be at the state-of-the-art of therapy. We aim to provide our teams with new tools to offer ever more efficient treatments.

State-of-the-art medical infrastructure

In recent years, Clinique Valmont has acquired a number of innovative training devices, specific to neurological and orthopaedic rehabilitation. This medical infrastructure allows our teams to have access to the latest equipment and offer adapted and innovative treatment for each patient.

Working environment

With an unobstructed view of Lake Geneva and the Alps, and a beautiful garden full of flowers, working at Clinique Valmont also means benefiting every day from this exceptional and privileged working environment: a treat for the eyes and for the heart.

Your benefits

Work-life balance

We attach great importance to the work-life balance of our employees. This is why they benefit from various advantages:

  • Possibility to work part-time or in job-sharing
  • Flexible working models according to function and profession
  • Possibility to do home office if the activity to be carried out allows it

Training and development

We promote talent and expand the skills of our employees by offering a wide range of training and further education courses:

  • Swiss Medical Network Academy with tailor-made training courses
  • Attractive, regularly updated training catalog that meets specific professional requirements
  • Introduction days for new employees
  • Free online language courses in three of the four national languages as well as in English
  • Possibility of work assignments in other language regions of Switzerland for personal and linguistic development
  • Trainees are supervised by experienced professionals and supported by a management team that is committed to train and motivate young people with enthusiasm
  • Numerous internships are offered in close cooperation with colleagues, universities of applied sciences and universities


  • Dynamic corporate culture with a high degree of autonomy for the individual clinics and centers, read more here
  • Experienced entrepreneurial spirit and start-up spirit at all levels and in all areas
  • Active promotion of talent with great potential for professional and hierarchical development
  • Strong team spirit and a sense of belonging to the company
  • Direct, simple and informal management style
  • Supervisors who trust their teams and are not afraid to delegate responsibility
  • Ability to achieve ambitious business results by integrating own ideas


  • Fair salaries and social benefits, specific to the region and in accordance with industry practice
  • Payment of 13 months' salary, if the profession  provides for it
  • Attractive pension fund solution


"Equality and equal opportunities are our top priority," says Dino Cauzza, CEO of Swiss Medical Network.

We employ people of more than 50 nationalities, generations and genders. Women represent 75% of the total workforce and work in 211 different professions. They hold about 60% of the management positions and represent about 60% of the accredited physicians. And it is precisely this diversity that is the recipe for our success.


For the second year in a row, Swiss Medical Network has made it into the top 5 of the best employers 2021 and is ranked 4th in the category "Hospitals and clinics" by the French-speaking business magazine Bilan.

And much more...

  • Possibility to eat on site at reduced prices
  • Various discounts on different products and services of the group (hotel, wines, health products, etc.)
  • Access to the Swibeco platform for discounts on the main Swiss e-shop brands
  • 75% discount on the Nescens assortment
  • Discounts on certain fitness subscriptions depending on the region
  • Discounts on fleets
  • Various loyalty bonuses or loyalty vacations

What our employees have to say

<p><strong>Marianne Gyger<br />
Nurse<br />
Clinique Valmont</strong></p>

Marianne Gyger
Clinique Valmont

<p><strong>Marine Estrem<br />
Director<br />
Clinique Valmont</strong></p>

Marine Estrem
Clinique Valmont

<p><strong>Christine Daenzer<br />
Nurse coordinator<br />
Clinique de Montchoisi</strong></p>

Christine Daenzer
Nurse coordinator
Clinique de Montchoisi

<p><strong>Adriàn Guyon Figuero<br />
Technical radiology assistant<br />
Clinique de Genolier</strong></p>

Adriàn Guyon Figuero
Technical radiology assistant
Clinique de Genolier

<p><strong>Anne-Sophie Beccat<br />
Nurse<br />
Hôpital de La Providence</strong></p>

Anne-Sophie Beccat
Hôpital de La Providence

<p><strong>Shelley Bulling<br />
Physicist in radiotherapy<br />
Clinique Générale-Beaulieu</strong></p>

Shelley Bulling
Physicist in radiotherapy
Clinique Générale-Beaulieu

<p><strong>Emmanuelle Bloch<br />
Nurse<br />
Clinique Générale Ste-Anne</strong></p>

Emmanuelle Bloch
Clinique Générale Ste-Anne

<p><strong>Francine Python<br />
Nurse<br />
Clinique de Genolier</strong></p>

Francine Python
Clinique de Genolier

<p><strong>Marina Lepetit<br />
Nurse<br />
Clinique de Genolier</strong></p>

Marina Lepetit
Clinique de Genolier

<p><strong>Julie Morel<br />
Physiotherapist<br />
​​​​​​​Hôpital de La Providence</strong></p>

Julie Morel
​​​​​​​Hôpital de La Providence

<p><strong>Kelly Duarte Almeida<br />
Nurse<br />
Clinique de Genolier</strong></p>

Kelly Duarte Almeida
Clinique de Genolier

Swiss Medical Network

A career at Swiss Medical Network

Who among us, after several years in the same company, has never thought of boosting his or her career and giving it a new breath of fresh air?

In a company like ours, there are many undiscovered talents.

Read more about this

We care about promoting women 

Find out how Swiss Medical Network places women at the heart of the group and gives them special importance.

Read more about this

We encourage the training of young people.

<p>Trainees present themselves and give an overview of their apprenticeship at Swiss Medical Network.</p>

Trainees present themselves and give an overview of their apprenticeship at Swiss Medical Network.

<p>The advantages of an apprenticeship at Clinique de Montchoisi.</p>

The advantages of an apprenticeship at Clinique de Montchoisi.

Frequently asked questions

There are several locations listed in the advertisement. Where is mine?

You will have a main work location, but you will also work closely with employees from other locations. It will therefore be necessary to interact with them regularly, either on site or in online meetings.

Where can I find job offers in the canton of Ticino (in the French/German part of Switzerland)?

You can use the various filters on our job page to find the job offers that are right for you.

I do not have a work permit for Switzerland. Can I still apply?

Feel free to apply and you will find all the information about obtaining a work visa for Switzerland here.

Can I work in Switzerland with a foreign diploma?

Absolutely! You can find information about the recognition of foreign diplomas here.

Do you offer apprenticeships or internships?

Yes, we offer apprenticeships in various fields. In the job search here (link), you can set the job type filter to apprenticeship.

Do you offer the possibility of an internship of observation?

Yes, we do offer internships for observation. You can apply directly to the clinic of your choice.

Can I send an unsolicited application?

Yes, you can! We also accept unsolicited applications.

Can I reapply for another job after I have been rejected?

As different positions have different requirements, a rejection for one position does not mean a general rejection by us. Please feel free to send us your application for other positions.

When will I receive an answer to my application?

We will be happy to inform you of the next steps in the process as soon as your application has been reviewed.

Can I apply for multiple positions?

Clinics process applications independently of each other. You may apply for multiple positions at the same time.

I don't meet all the requirements for this position? Should I still apply?

If you meet the majority of the requirements, please apply.

What are the benefits of working for Swiss Medical Network?

Swiss Medical Network employees enjoy many benefits. You can find in this "Career" page a list of all the benefits of working for Swiss Medical.

Is there a possibility to do home office?

Some activities at Swiss Medical Network require the physical presence of employees. For all other activities, a home office arrangement is possible.

Are there training and personal development opportunities?

Swiss Medical Network attaches great importance to the development of its employees and therefore supports numerous training and further education courses for its employees.

Join us as an accredited doctor

Doctors’ satisfaction is one of our main priorities

Joining Swiss Medical Network means benefiting from a first-class technical platform and having great flexibility in your daily work. It is the possibility of practicing on several sites and benefiting from the advantages of working in a network.

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