Are you ambitious and want to boost your career?

Who hasn't had this thought – after several years spent in the same company – many of us consider boosting our careers and giving it a breath of fresh air? In a company like ours, there are many undiscovered talents and a lot of employees who are very ambitious.

Within the group, we support you in this process, by promoting your potential and the development of your personal career. There are many options at Swiss Medical Network ranging from switching jobs, career development and taking on new challenges!


Aurélie Meynet, Operations director, Clinique de Genolier

Take a leaf out of Aurélie Meynet's book. Over the course of her 17-year career, she has gained many responsibilities and is now the operational director of Clinique de Genolier.

Be inspired by Aurélie Meynet's career path as well as that of Fabio Berry and Daniela Franco!

You want to be next?

If you are interested in a similar career path and have the qualities required for a career with Swiss Medical Network, please contact us.

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