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Medical Care and Technology

Our patients are at the centre of our thoughts and actions. We meet their needs professionally and individually and see them as active partners in the treatment and care process. Offering high-quality specialised care is very important to us. Care standards and processes are reviewed, measured and optimised as part of a continuous improvement process. In our innovative and dynamic organisation, we see change as an opportunity. Our interdisciplinary cooperation is partnership-based and results-oriented. Respectful and constructive communication is the basis of our corporate culture.

Case management

The case management, together with you and your family, will plan and personalise your care pathway during your stay in the Clinic in collaboration with the other members of the healthcare team: doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and dieticians.

The planning and evaluation of the care pathway includes:

  1. The first meeting with the ICM takes place with the call to the pre-admission visit. After the blood tests, the electrocardiogram (ECG), and the visit with the anaesthetist and ward doctor, you will have the interview with the ICM during which the care goals to be achieved in anticipation of discharge and thus return home will be explained to you. In this regard, the need to plan and then organise a home care service with the aim of facilitating you and your family members in the gradual recovery of your state of health will also be assessed.
  2. A second meeting will take place approximately two days after surgery with an initial assessment of the planned care goals.
  3. A third meeting, in anticipation of your discharge, for a final assessment in preparation for your return home or, where necessary, to a rehabilitation institution.


Your course of treatment will not end with your discharge: 30 days and one year after your return home, you will be contacted by telephone by the ICM, who will ask you about your state of health and answer any questions you may have.

Do not hesitate to call now for information regarding care pathways and the organisation of home care. Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 15:00 at the following telephone number

+41 (0)79 675 93 65

Milani Mauro
Coordinating nurse (case manager)


The Clinica Ars Medica works with the Hospita Suisse SA team of anaesthesia, intensive care and pain therapy specialists, as well as the nursing staff. They are at the clinic 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and follow patients individually before, during and after surgery.

Hotel service

The Clinica Ars Medica can rely on qualified and experienced staff to treat its guests in the best possible way. Classy furnishings and good cuisine make the stay as pleasant as possible for friends and relatives. Years of experience guarantee optimal cooperation and a clear division of responsibilities between hotel services and nursing care for the benefit of the patients.