The Clinica Ars Medica, founded in 1989 by Silvano and Ermanno Sarra, has established itself as the undisputed leader and reference centre in italian-speaking Switzerland for orthopaedic surgery and traumatology of the locomotor apparatus.

Designed to meet the specific needs of this discipline, it relies on the collaboration of 32 specialists. It has 75 beds, 5 fully equipped operating theatres for arthroscopic and prosthetic surgery, a dedicated radiology unit and a physiotherapy department with a therapeutic pool. It also runs an orthopaedic emergency service. Approximately 3'200 in-patient operations are performed annually.

The collaboration model between the surgeons is based on the concept of in-depth training. This approach, which allows the concentration of specific skills within a small team of surgeons, has numerous quality advantages. The patient thus benefits from direct and immediate access to the various specialists within the same structure.

Our Mission

The mission of Clinica Ars Meica has remained unchanged: to offer patients care and services of great value, ensuring compliance with the criteria of quality, safety and reliability.

We also pay special attention to the families of our patients.

Our clinics have always been able to rely on highly qualified and committed staff, who ensure personalised care and appropriate assistance to all patients and their relatives, with the aim of caring for them in the best possible way by creating a serene atmosphere that makes them feel at home.

All patients are ensured specialised care and a state-of-the-art medical offer that makes a difference, thanks to the special and meticulous attention given to the choice of medical technology, which is always of the latest generation.

It is also a special feature of ours that attention is also paid to hotel services, which offer all our patients maximum comfort at all times in a serene, relaxed and particularly pleasant environment. In this context, patients are guaranteed a particularly wide and high standard of culinary choice, which ensures healthy and exquisite cuisine.

We strive daily to offer our best in all areas of our competence, and this is because our patients show us their trust by entrusting us with their most precious asset, their health.

Our vision

We are convinced that an efficient healthcare system that is always oriented towards the interests of the patient must be able to constantly guarantee free enterprise and healthy competition between public and private players, so that together and in a complementary manner, they can contribute to maintaining an innovative healthcare system that guarantees medicine for all.

On the strength of our long and qualified tradition of excellence, we vigorously defend the maintenance of a strong territorial medicine, which guarantees, with their doctors, generalists and specialists, the immediate care and assistance of the population, so that they can benefit indiscriminately from our innovative and qualitative offer.

As pioneers in pathologies related to the female health, our ambition for the Sant'Anna Clinic is to develop and realise the concept of a «Clinic for women».
While for the Clinica Ars Medica, a leader in locomotor pathologies, our ambition is to develop and realise the concept of a «Clinic for sport».

The constant commitment of all employees in our Clinics aims to ensure and perpetuate this long tradition, which places us among the best private clinics in Switzerland and as the preferred choice of a significant number of international patients.

In 2012 our two clinics became part of the Swiss private clinics group Swiss Medical Network, allowing our two clinics to gain further strength in the Ticino health system and to boast an exclusive strategic alliance with a nationwide group, giving us the possibility to face all important present and future challenges with greater confidence and competence.