Clinique de Genolier’s philosophy is based on three main axes which help make our clinic a better place to be.

The well-being of its patients

Clinique de Genolier adopts a patient-centred approach in order to offer personalised care and treatment tailored to each patient.

For its inpatients, every effort is made to ensure that their stay is as pleasant as possible. Several categories of rooms and services are available, depending on individual requirements. Members of staff are attentive and adapt their services to different needs and specific requests.

Our outpatient services are available to all patients insured in Switzerland.

For international patients who are not insured in Switzerland, a dedicated customer service team is responsible for organising their entire stay.


Clinique de Genolier is always on the lookout for the latest innovations and technologies in the field of healthcare. The clinic boasts state-of-the-art technical facilities and one of the most modern operating theatres in Europe.

All year round, our dedicated care team participates in further training sessions to ensure that staff members are always at the cutting edge of their practice. We believe this further training is essential in the ever-changing world of medicine to give you and your loved ones the very best care.

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Clinique de Genolier benefits from the expertise of highly-recognised surgical and medical practitioners. Thanks to its multidisciplinary competence centres, the clinic offers a high level of medical expertise combined with personalised care.

With a Committee for the Hygiene and Prevention of Nosocomial Infections, the clinic organises, coordinates and implements actions related to recommendations for hygiene, prevention and infection control. Finally, its Quality Unit performs haemovigilance, materiovigilance and pharmacovigilance to ensure the safety of patients and employees.

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