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Our partners

Clinique de Genolier works closely with its partners.

Dosim AG

The DOSIM Group has been present throughout Switzerland for more than 45 years and is recognised for its efficiency and professionalism in the field of facility services.

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MEDISYN, formerly SYNLAB, stands for personal contact with our customers. We are pleased to stand for MEDISYN quality with our names and faces:. The customer advisors for technical, material and financial matters, the laboratory managers for medical questions and laboratory-analytical interpretations and the laboratory technicians for support with withdrawal material or repeat prescriptions.

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Genolier Foundation

The foundation supports patients who do not have access to health care.

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Together with the employee organisations in the healthcare sector, H+ has developed an industry solution for the implementation of the legal provisions regarding occupational safety and health protection. This also includes regular hazard identification in the hospitals in order to reduce safety risks, create optimal working conditions for employees and prevent illnesses or accidents through sustainable absence management.

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National Association for Quality Development

ANQ's mandate is to define relevant quality indicators, to conduct quality measurements to provide the national comparison and to communicate the measurement results transparently.

The Swiss Medical Network institutions take part in the ANQ surveys every year. The results enable the institutions to compare themselves with hospitals and clinics nationwide and to take targeted measures to improve the patient experience.

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Switzerland Tourism

Switzerland Tourism is responsible for destination marketing and thus for the tourism brand profiling of the city and region of Zurich as a diverse tourism destination. Switzerland Tourism employs over 70 people and is active in the markets of Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, North America, Italy, Austria, France, Spain and Japan, as well as in the growth markets of Brazil, Russia, India, China, the Gulf States and Southeast Asia.

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The Clinique de Genolier supports...

Elise Chabbey

Originally from Geneva, Elise Chabbey is a professional cyclist as well as a qualified physician. 

 As a versatile athlete, Elise participated in the 2012 London Olympics as a celestial athlete, specializing in slalom.  

In 2016, she discovered the world of cycling. She won the Tour de Berne and came second in the Swiss road championship.  

The Genolier clinic is delighted to be able to accompany Elise Chabbey in the realization of her current objective: the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, and wishes her every success!

Nyon Basket Féminin

Twice Swiss champions in 2018 and 2019, the Nyon Basket Féminin team has the ambition to play the 1st roles in the national elite in LNA and to carry the colors of women's basketball of the region to the four corners of the country.  

The Clinique de Genolier supports the Nyon Basket Féminin, in accordance with the values it cultivates such as the taste for effort, competition and solidarity through the practice of basketball.

Handball Club of Nyon

With more than 200 members and the commitment of 13 teams in regional and national competitions, the HBC Nyon offers a quality and friendly sports environment for the practice of handball. Evolving in the 1st League since 2017 for the boys, HBC Nyon also offers a competitive and high level handball practice and works actively for the development of women's handball in Romandie. 

The Clinique de Genolier supports the values advocated by HBC Nyon, which are Passion, Determination, Integrity and Conviviality.

The Nyon Triathlon

The Nyon Triathlon is one of the biggest triathlons in Switzerland, organized every year at the beginning of August in Nyon with more than 3'000 participants. Thanks to the help of 300 volunteers, the event allows to welcome a varied public on adapted distances: children from 5 years old, athletes with special needs, popular and discovery races and elite

Vision du réel

Each year, on the occasion of the "Visions du réel" festival, the Clinique de Genolier has the pleasure of awarding the "Best Medium Length Film Prize". 

Visions du réel is a documentary film festival created in 1969 in Nyon. Today, Visions du Réel is recognized as one of the major festivals of real cinema in the world and is one of the three references in Switzerland, along with Locarno and Solothurn. It brings together film lovers and professionals every spring for nine days.  

One of the priorities of this festival is to make real cinema accessible to all. Discovering other cultures or one's own, observing the world in a different way, learning, imagining, dreaming, all this should be within the reach of everyone.

FC Genolier-Begnins

For several years now, the Genolier clinic has been a sponsor of the FC Genolier-Begnins junior movement. 

Through its soccer activities, FC Genolier-Begnins is a family club, accessible to all, which is keen to convey its own values such as friendship, camaraderie, conviviality and fair play.