Building for the future

Starting 2025, Privatklinik Bethanien and Klinik Pyramide am See will merge. Both clinics belong to the Swiss Medical Network Group. The merger at the Bethanien site and the modernisation of medicine will require some investment in infrastructure. Find out all about the project here.

Stronger together

Finally, in 2024 the Bethanien and Pyramide am See clinics will be brought together at the Bethanien site. The reason is that the Klinik Pyramide building will be renovated. Operations will therefore be concentrated at the Bethanien site and their respective strengths combined. To create enough space and modern structures, an extension to the existing buildings is planned, as well as a new building between Hinterstrasse and Restelbergstrasse.

Expansion of the medical infrastructure

With the expansion of the site, the technical infrastructure will be significantly modernised: A new operating theatre wing, a new radiology department and a new central sterilisation unit are being built. In addition, important medical services for patients with cancer – such as radiotherapy, oncology and nuclear medicine – will be created. This new infrastructure will further expand the interdisciplinary and comprehensive care of tumour surgery patients.

Timeline of the construction phases

1. Attic remodel

The remodelling begins with an extension of the existing attic in the historic building (see marker 111 in the visualisation above). This new space will allow new practices to open, the construction is already being carried out and is expected to be completed in summer 2024. 

2. Extension of main building

The pointed gables of the two middle clinic buildings (B and C) will be replaced by flat roofs. This will allow the space on the top floor to be utilised much more efficiently and create beautiful suites with views of the city and Lake Zurich. The two 4th floors will now be connected by a glas passageway (D). These two extensions have already been approved. 

3. Temporary radiotherapy

With the construction of a radiotherapy centre, Privatklinik Bethanien is expanding its medical expertise, particularly in the treatment of malignant diseases (cancer). The radiotherapy centre will be built underground in the inner courtyard in front of the main entrance and supplemented with a temporary, above-ground structure (E). A building permit has already been granted for the project. 

4. New building

The planned new building on the corner of Hinterstrasse and Restelbergstrasse will house a new bed wing, operating theatres, a new central sterilisation unit, a state-of-the-art radiology department and a new staff restaurant.

Background information on the Klinik Pyramide

After 60 years of use, the Klinik Pyramide building needs to be renovated in 2025. The Ferrohaus by star architect Justus Dahinden, which is now a historical building, is facing extensive and costly renovation work. 

Director Glen George is already responsible for both clinics as a connecting element and is coordinating the gradual merger. The final amalgamation on one site will further enhance the strength of this alliance.

As things stand today, the last operation at the Klinik Pyramide will be performed on the 29th of November 2024.

Certified twice: Swiss Leading Hospitals

Both Privatklinik Bethanien and Klinik Pyramide am See have been recognised as Swiss Leading Hospitals. The high-quality medical treatment, interdisciplinary cooperation and competent care with a family atmosphere will therefore not change even after the merger.


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