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Internal Medicine is an outpatient medical discipline practised in clinics and hospitals. Adult patients are often treated for common illnesses such as the flu or pneumonia, or for more complex illnesses that sometimes overlap with other disciplines.

Specialists in internal medicine treat patients with common or several parallel diseases as well as those with diseases of the immune system and a predisposition to autoimmune diseases, the diagnosis and treatment of which are often highly complicated.

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Spitalpraxis Bethanien


As an internist with many years of hospital experience, Dr Ruggieri looks after outpatient and inpatient patients from Switzerland and abroad in his in-house practice.

Focal points

Carrying out health checks to identify the cause of symptoms and complex complaints associated with inflammatory diseases, as well as the prevention and treatment of chronic and metabolic diseases. Dr Ruggieri also specialises in travel and tropical medicine. 

In the assessment, treatment and care of polymorbid hospitalised patients, Dr Ruggieri maintains interdisciplinary collaboration with our specialists in cardiology, angiology, gastroenterology, rheumatology and oncology. 

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Dr Fabio Ruggieri

Spitalpraxis Bethanien
Toblerstrasse 51
8044 Zürich

41 (0) 43 268 28 68


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