Maternity ward

Our clinic offers everything you need for the beginning of this new and important phase of your life: from a pleasant atmosphere, beautiful family rooms, first-class cuisine to top-class personal care and advice from highly qualified midwives and doctors, all in a warm and familiar environment in a prime location in Zurich.

Introducing the maternity ward at Bethanien

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500 babies are born in our private hospital every year. Nevertheless, we are committed to providing unique and individual support for each birth, so that it is tailored to the needs of the mother, father and child.

Our qualified team of midwives looks after you before, during and after your birth, always in cooperation with experienced nurses. Our maternity ward meets the needs of mothers and babies in all areas.

Your stay

Competent support from all sides

A well-coordinated team of midwives, gynaecologists, paediatricians and anaesthetists ensures your safety and security; all of your contacts are highly motivated and nurture a positive relationship with the families. In the event of any complications, our specialists have access to state-of-the-art technical and medical aids.

Superior hotel comfort

Our maternity ward consists exclusively of modern, comfortably furnished single rooms. Fathers can also spend the first few days together with their new family. In terms of culinary delights, a pampering programme is also offered that leaves nothing to be desired.


Our information evening for expectant parents always takes place on the first Monday of the month.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Head of the Maternity Ward, Rebekka Fritsche-Reber.

+41 (0)43 268 72 70

E-mail contact

Registration, admission & further information


Once your gynaecologist has notified us of your due date, you will receive written confirmation of your admission to the clinic from the scheduling department.

Possible medical examinations will be adapted according to your needs and determined together with your gynaecologist.

Our maternity ward will provide you with a written invitation for the midwife interview.

Detailed information on admission can be found via the link below:

Checklist for admission preparations

Admission date

Upon admission, you will be greeted at the reception. A midwife will then accompany you to your room and inform you about your daily schedule and the facilities. If possible, we would also be happy to address any special requests or concerns you may have.

Please bring the completed name card with you when you are admitted to the clinic.

Additional information

You can also enjoy more comfort in our suites. We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding estimate for your stay.

Our patient administration staff will be happy to help you on +41 43 268 71 00.

Birth upgrade (online form)

For further information about your stay, the chauffeur service, visit and our services, please contact us:

+41 (0)43 268 70 70

Contact us

Information evenings for expectant parents

An information evening is held on the first Monday of every month. You will receive a lot of information about childbirth, our range of courses, childbirth options and family care in the postnatal period.

You will also have the opportunity to ask your gynaecologist, paediatricians, anaesthetists and midwives your personal questions. A tour of the maternity ward will give you an insight into the delivery room and the postnatal rooms.

Link to registration form

My Baby Cells

The Swiss Stem Cells Solutions brand represents the completion of a project that enables us to satisfy the needs of families when it comes to regenerative medicine and to provide the best assistance regarding stem cells.
For consumers who want access to leaders in stem cell technology and research, worldwide, Swiss Stem Cells Solutions is the best option. We have brought together research, consultation, production and application under the same brand. Swiss Stem Cells Solutions is able to meet all of your needs in the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine. Our long history of experience and reliability over the years ensure you a collaboration with a dependable and recognized partner.

Our customer service

Throughout the whole process, SSCS will be by your side and accompany you along your personalised journey, answering your questions, referring you to specialists and ensuring that all your needs are met. Since we care about our customers and your health, we will keep you updated on any scientific and/or technological developments even long after the storage of your stem cells.
We customise every experience because we value meeting your needs and doing so enables us to give our clients the finest outcomes.


International network

We have been collaborating with medical institutions for a long time and have become partners with many private and public clinics, both in Switzerland and abroad. This allows us to offer our customers access to the best treatments in the field of regenerative medicine.

Important: When collaborating with Swiss Stem Cells Solutions, your stem cells are not only stored, so they’re ready for use when needed, but you have access to a full range of personalised services which will allow you to directly benefit from all the advantages of modern and personalized medicine,
Regenerative medicine is no longer a chimaera of tomorrow, but a reality which is already applied in several important areas of medicine.


For more information

Swiss Stem Cell Foundation (SSCF)

Swiss Stem Cell Foundation is an independent non-profit foundation that unites some of the best researchers and scientists in the field of regenerative medicine. Thanks to close cooperation with several universities, you will also have access to an international network of specialists who represent the cutting-edge research in this field. Our mission is to advance stem cell technology, research, and development.

Swiss Stem Cells Biotech (SSCB) 

Since its foundation in 2004, a precursor in the field of cord stem cell cryopreservation, the laboratory was the first family biobank in Switzerland and the first to be certified FACT-Netcord in Europe. Our Swiss GMP certification also allows the products to be considered drug-manufacturing (ATMP).
FACT-Netcord also carries out independent quality audits on the banks every 3 years to ensure that high standards are maintained. Our laboratory has the same quality standards as public banks, making it the only one in Switzerland to collaborate with the World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA) through the hybrid bank project (private and public). SSCB is regarded as the pinnacle of family biobanks.

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