Maternity ward

Our clinic offers everything you need for the beginning of this new and important phase of your life: from a pleasant atmosphere, beautiful family rooms, first-class cuisine to top-class personal care and advice from highly qualified midwives and doctors, all in a warm and familiar environment in a prime location in Zurich.

Information evenings for expectant parents

An information evening is held on the first Monday of every month. You will receive a lot of information about childbirth, our range of courses, childbirth options and family care in the postnatal period.

You will also have the opportunity to ask your gynaecologist, paediatricians, anaesthetists and midwives your personal questions. A tour of the maternity ward will give you an insight into the delivery room and the postnatal rooms.

After your registration we will welcome you at the reception of the Privatklinik Bethanien.

Please notice: This event is held in German language.

Time: 19:00-20:30 o'clock
Place: Privatklinik Bethanien

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Getting ready: Your customisable birth at Privatklinik Bethanien

The maternity department offers expectant parents and their newborns everything for a good start in life. The care provided by the competent team begins even before the birth – with various preparation courses and a personal midwife conversation.

24/7 there for you and your baby: our paediatrics team

The paediatric team visits the newborns on their first day of life and supports the babies during their stay in the postpartum period. This also includes various examinations such as the hearing or metabolic test. The experienced specialists are available 24/7 and can intervene quickly in the event of problems.

Pain relief and anaesthesia in obstetrics

During birth, there are various options available to relieve the pain of labour. These include the so-called «Happy Button», with which the woman giving birth can release a small amount of painkiller herself as needed.

Meet our experienced doctors in the maternity ward

The advantage of the private clinic's affiliated doctor model is that the pregnant woman and the attending doctor know each other and have a relationship of trust. The doctor is not on site during the entire birth, but there is a lively exchange of information with the midwife team and he or she is quickly on site in case of any complications. During the postpartum period, the doctor examines whether wound healing and involution are progressing well.

Our midwives at your side

The maternity ward is characterised by personal and individual care. The competent team accompanies and supports the family during the entire birth – both in the case of a natural birth and a caesarean section. They also ensure that the parents can build up a strong bond with their child from the very first second.

From breastfeeding counselling to an extra bed: Your stay after birth

Fathers are welcome at any time – also for an overnight stay. The entire family receives full postnatal care. The nursing staff, midwives and breastfeeding counsellors look after the family, answer questions and give helpful tips for the time at home.

Administrative questions about your stay

Registration for birth at the Privatklinik Bethanien is done via the attending gynaecologist. If you do not have semi-private or private insurance – or if you would like a room upgrade, we will be happy to provide you with a non-binding cost estimation.

Bonding time for mother and child: baby massage

The Privatklinik Bethanien offers baby massage classes because children who are massaged feel more comfortable in their skin. But the massage has other benefits as well – for example, it regulates the sleep-wake rhythm, strengthens the immune system and the bond between mother and child.

JIVITA: A relaxing space for you and your child

During pregnancy, body and mind change – and Jivita accompanies you during this time. Jivita is a place to arrive, let go and relax. But also after the birth Jivita accompanies you – e.g. with nutrition and exercise counselling.

Your stay

Competent support from all sides

Under the direction of Dr Lea Köchli, a well-coordinated team of midwives, gynaecologists, paediatricians and anaesthetists ensures your safety and security; all of your contacts are highly motivated and nurture a positive relationship with the families. In the event of any complications, our specialists have access to state-of-the-art technical and medical aids.

Superior hotel comfort

Our maternity ward consists exclusively of modern, comfortably furnished single rooms. Fathers can also spend the first few days together with their new family. In terms of culinary delights, a pampering programme is also offered that leaves nothing to be desired.


Our information evening for expectant parents always takes place on the first Monday of the month.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Head of the Maternity Ward, Rebekka Fritsche-Reber.

+41 43 268 71 16

E-mail contact

Health screening for your child - a unique opportunity

Childbirth offers a unique opportunity to take preventive health care for your child and the whole family.

Following the birth, we offer parents-to-be the opportunity to store stem cells from their child's umbilical cord.

In the only private biobank in Switzerland that has the important FACT-NetCord accreditation, these are stored safely and for the long term. 

Registration, admission & further information


Once your gynaecologist has notified us of your due date, you will receive written confirmation of your admission to the clinic from the scheduling department.

Possible medical examinations will be adapted according to your needs and determined together with your gynaecologist.

Our maternity ward will provide you with a written invitation for the midwife interview.

Detailed information on admission can be found via the link below:

Checklist for admission preparation

Admission date

Upon admission, you will be greeted at the reception. A midwife will then accompany you to your room and inform you about your daily schedule and the facilities. If possible, we would also be happy to address any special requests or concerns you may have.

Please bring the completed name card with you when you are admitted to the clinic.

Additional information

You can also enjoy more comfort in our suites. We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding estimate for your stay.

Our patient administration staff will be happy to help you on +41 43 268 71 00.

Upgrade maternity ward (Online form)

For further information about your stay, the chauffeur service, visit and our services, please contact us:

+41 43 268 70 70

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