With its special focus on pain therapy, the Schmerzklinik Basel constantly strives to make the stay and treatment of patients as pleasant as possible.

It is characterised by its comfort, open communication culture and friendly atmosphere. Our Directorate is the operative management body that leads the Schmerzklinik Basel in these areas as well as representing its interests externally.


Our team looks after you as a whole, with empathy and sees you as an individual with individual needs. We work together in a trusting atmosphere, interdisciplinary and of course with you.

Mirjam Zaugg-Novali

Director Schmerzklinik Basel
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Graduated from commercial school and went on to become a qualified dental assistant. She subsequently gathered more than 20 years' experience in a wide range of administrative areas with Sanitas and continued to obtain more qualifications. Mirjam Zaugg-Novali has worked with the Schmerzklinik Basel since 2008. She was in charge of patient administration until 2010, when she took over management of commercial services. In May 2015, Mirjam Zaugg-Novali was appointed Operational Director of the Schmerzklinik Basel. Since October 2020 she has been acting as Director.

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