Medical infrastructure

The best possible treatment requires the best possible infrastructure. The Schmerzklinik Basel specialises in a wide range of therapies and treatment options.

Our patients have access to a walk-in practice as well as various specialised consultation hours such as the Long COVID and nicotine consultation, as well as X-rays, diagnostics and the possibility of receiving further training, all in the immediate vicinity and within short distances.

Nursing and medical technology

Operating theatres

The Schmerzklinik Basel has two optimally equipped operating theatres for interventions in various specialist areas.

The well-coordinated team consists exclusively of qualified specialist staff. Interdisciplinary cooperation ensures the safety and well-being of the patients.

Intermediate Care

In the IMC (Intermediate Care) of the Schmerzklinik Basel, patients are cared for and monitored after pain therapy and surgical interventions. We have 11 bed spaces, each equipped with a monitoring unit for cardiovascular parameters. Our services consist of infusion therapies for pain, rheumatism and iron deficiency diseases, as well as the refilling of implanted pain pumps. Qutenza treatments (capsaicin patches) complete the range of services. Patients with acute pain problems, e.g. acute migraine, are immediately given an appointment for a pain-relieving infusion.

A well-coordinated team of qualified nursing staff looks after the patients during their stay. Individual care is a matter of course for us. Appointments are possible from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 16:00. Appointments are made directly with the attending physicians at the Schmerzklinik Basel.

Unfortunately, pain is part of everyday life for many people - we are here for you. 

The Schmerzklinik Basel has developed a treatment concept that is unique in Switzerland. This multidisciplinary approach is based, among other things, on intensive inpatient therapy with the involvement of various specialist doctors as well as therapists.

Learn more about this innovative concept in the video. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team.


Available for you throughout the day - Monday-Friday from 09:00 to 16:00, without appointment

Are you suffering from severe pain and need help?

With us, at the Schmerzklinik Basel, you are in the best of hands. A well-coordinated, highly qualified team of specialists takes care of the efficient treatment of your pain with a holistic, interdisciplinary approach.

Long COVID consultations

Around 20 % of adults suffer long-term consequences three months after the first COVID symptoms. In many cases, symptoms such as fatigue, performance and activity limitations, headaches, taste and smell disorders or sleep disturbances, but also joint and muscle pain and inflammatory conditions occur.

As of 1 March 2022, the Schmerzklinik Basel, a centre of excellence for rheumatology and pain medicine, will be offering Long COVID consultations for those affected. Patients benefit from the interdisciplinary approach of the Schmerzklinik Basel.

A team of over 30 specialist doctors and therapists from several disciplines such as physiotherapy, psychology, TCM, neural therapy and homeopathy provide individual care for patients. Our multimodal approach is ideally suited to the complex Long COVID disease.

Advantage: Entire therapy spectrum available from one source in our clinic.


Patients can register for the Long COVID consultation through their family doctor or independently if they have been suffering from symptoms for at least 2 months after the COVID infection.


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Nicotine consultation

Tobacco consumption is not only associated with a frequent occurrence of cancer and vascular diseases, but can also lead to non-malignant respiratory diseases, infections, osteoporosis, tooth and gum diseases as well as impairment of the sense of taste, smell and sight.

Smokers' counselling is aimed at people who want to quit smoking. Smoking cessation is particularly important for patients suffering from pain and rheumatism, as the symptoms are aggravated by smoking or the medication cannot work at all.

Main focus

  • Inpatient group therapy
  • Individual counselling
  • Long-term care for patients who want to quit smoking
  • Cooperation with medical specialists
  • Measurement of the CO2 content of the air breathed

Our services


X-ray and computer tomography (CT)

The in-house radiology department of the Schmerzklinik Basel has three modern workstations. On the one hand, conventional examinations are carried out with the aid of a low-radiation digital X-ray machine. Depending on the speciality, rheumatological or orthopaedic images, for example, can be produced.

On the other hand, the department has a computer tomograph. This allows interventional procedures to be carried out by anaesthetists in addition to the usual diagnostic clarifications.

In addition, bone density can be measured on an osteodensitometry device by means of so-called dual X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA). This value allows conclusions to be drawn about osteoporosis.

The completely digital archiving of the image data allows quick access throughout the hospital, and results can be requested on CD at any time.

Analysis in the laboratory

Analyses from all areas of laboratory medicine are carried out in the in-house laboratory (synlab suisse).

Expert reports

Medical and forensic medical reports

Medical reports deal, among other things, with questions from insurance companies - health insurance companies, life insurance companies, SUVA, AHV, IV, daily allowance insurance companies - and are often decisive for the commencement and scope of benefits.

The assessment includes not only the results of examinations by specialists, therapy concepts and rehabilitation options, but also the impression gained in personal discussions with the explorant.

It is often necessary and useful to carry out an evaluation of the functional capacity (EFL) in order to better assess the remaining working capacity or the retraining possibilities of an explorand. The remaining physical abilities and limitations can be tested and documented. These results also help the person concerned with any necessary reorientation in professional life and everyday life.

Forensic medical reports are required for legal questions with a medical background, for example for legal cases and courts. They should help to clarify the facts of the case.