As an innovative thinker in pain diagnostics and treatment, the Schmerzklinik Basel plays a leading role among providers and in opinion-forming. With their professional competence, our doctors and other staff ensure reliable treatment at the highest level.

The well-being of the patients is always in the foreground. Treatments are always tailored to their needs.

Our mission

The human being is the centre of our attention.

With understanding and openness, we respect our counterparts and always consider them in their uniqueness as a whole person. Our common goal is to support patients with chronic pain or rheumatological diseases, to recognise their problems at an early stage, to make correct diagnoses and to treat them successfully. In doing so, the patient in his or her unity of body, soul and spirit is in the foreground.

Together and on an equal footing, we develop the diagnosis and treatment plan with the patients as an interprofessional team.

The multimodal approach and interdisciplinary action ensure a holistic, bio-, psycho- and social view.

The quality of our services also depends on the quality awareness of our stakeholders. Therefore, we expect our partners to help shape our quality goals.

Our aim is to constantly assess our work and our processes critically and realistically. In this way, we achieve continuous improvement.

We want to support our patients with their pain and accompany them on their way to as much independence as possible.

Our values

We take our patients seriously, actively listen to them and respect them. We tailor our services to the specific needs of our patients. We strive for a balanced price-performance ratio and thus remain competitive.

Responsibility and competence

Interdisciplinary cooperation is our strength. Our staff are highly qualified and keep their specialist knowledge up to date through continuous further training. We continuously measure our performance against international standards.

Transparency and trust

We cultivate an open culture of dialogue with all our stakeholders, thereby strengthening mutual trust. We ensure a continuous flow of information through regular exchanges of experience.

Teamwork and quality

We deal with each other in an open, tolerant and honest manner. We respect other opinions. Reliability and quality of our services are our top priorities.

Research and teaching

As a training hospital, we have a great responsibility for our residents and take the time to discuss clinical pictures and treatments with them. By participating in external research projects, we generate new medical knowledge and contribute to progress in pain diagnosis and treatment.

Openness and sustainability

We are open to all cooperation partners who share the principles of our mission statement. We are always interested in introducing innovations in the clinic in order to provide our patients with the best possible pain treatment. In all our activities, we show consideration for the environment within the scope of our possibilities.