Board of directors

They also have excellent knowledge of the healthcare sector in Switzerland. Three of the members are themselves doctors, which gives the board additional medical expertise and a link to the medical profession.

Raymond Loretan

Executive Chairman

(*1955) Raymond Loretan studied law in Fribourg and served in the diplomatic corps for over 20 years. He was a co-founder of the Geneva-based FBL Associés consultancy. Deputy Chairman of the Board of AEVIS VICTORIA SA, he also holds Directorships in various subsidiaries of the Group.

Dr. med. Philippe Glasson

Deputy Chairman

(*1948) Philippe Glasson studied medicine in Geneva and is a qualified specialist in internal medicine and nephrology. A member of various specialist medical organizations, he has been working for the Clinique de Genolier since 1984. At Swiss Medical Network he is Chairman of the Medical Coordination Group and delegate for the medical affairs.

Antoine Hubert

Delegate of the Board

(*1966) Antoine Hubert acquired a shareholding in the Clinique de Genolier in 2002 and founded Swiss Medical Network in 2004. Prior to this he had been active in the real-estate sector, and had established and managed numerous companies in a wide range of fields. At AEVIS VICTORIA SA and Swiss Medical Network SA he serves as Delegate of the Board, and also holds further functions and Directorships in various subsidiaries of the Group.

Michel Reybier

(*1945) Michel Reybier held various executive positions in the food industry, and is also active in the hotel sector. He is the founder and owner with his family of the La Réserve hotel group and Domaines Reybier, specialized in vine growing. He is co-founder of and a shareholder in Mama Shelter Hotels. At AEVIS VICTORIA SA he is a member of the Board of Directors and holds Directorships in various subsidiaries of the Group.

Antoine Kohler

Antoine Kohler was born in 1956. He studied law in Geneva, has been a practising attorney since 1983 and is a senior partner at the Perréard de Boccard SA law firm, which has offices in Geneva and Zurich. He sits on the boards of directors of several listed and non-listed companies. At AEVIS VICTORIA SA he is a member of the Board of Directors and holds Directorships in various subsidiaries of the Group.

Fulvio Pelli

(*1951) Fulvio Pelli studied law in Bern and Zurich and runs a law firm and notary’s office in Lugano. He held a number of political offices in Canton Ticino from 1980 onwards at both the communal and the cantonal level; he served as a member of the Swiss National Council from 1995 to 2014; and he was President of the Swiss Free Democratic Party from 2005 to 2012. 

Dr. med. Cédric A. George

(*1952) After studying medicine in Zurich, Cédric A. George has specialized in plastic and aesthetic surgery and in reconstructive surgery. He is Chief Medical Officer and Delegate of the Board of Directors of Klinik Pyramide am See AG, which he founded in 1993. He also maintains a private medical practice at his private plastic surgery centre in Zurich. At AEVIS VICTORIA SA he is a member of the Board of Directors and holds Directorships in various subsidiaries of the Group.

Dr. med. Christian Le Dorze

(*1951) Christian Le Dorze studied medicine in Dijon, France. Specializing in oncology, he went on to head two cancer centres. From 1993 to 2006 he headed a group of 15 oncology centres as Managing Director of Généridis, a subsidiary of Générale de Santé, and later became Director of Générale de Santé Cliniques. In 2006 he founded the Vitalia Group, which, with 49 clinics, is now France’s second-biggest private healthcare provider.

Ruth Metzler-Arnold

(*1964) Ruth Metzler-Arnold studied law at the University of Fribourg and is a certified public accountant. From 1999 to 2003, she served as Federal Councilor of the Swiss Confederation and formerly Minister of the Canton Appenzell Innerrhoden. Later, she worked for the pharmaceutical company Novartis for several years in senior positions in France and globally. She is "Of Counsel" in a consulting firm, a member or president of several administrative boards as well as a member of the University Council of the University of St. Gallen and member of the Foundation Council of Think Tanks Avenir Suisse.

Jacques Boschung

(*1967) Native of Fribourg, he obtained a Master's degree in Physics at the EPFL. Jacques Boschung is General Director of the insurance division of Inovalon and President of Bluefactory Fribourg-Freiburg. He now brings his experience to the Board of Directors of Swiss Medical Network, particularly with regard to the automation of processes in clinics and medical centres and the provision of high-performance digital tools.