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Guillaume Droz-Bartholet

Podiatrist, treatment of foot pathologies and disorders

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Clinique de Genolier
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Side effects associated with chemotherapy treatments
During his training at the Geneva School of Chiropody, Mr Droz-Bartholet was able to work with the oncology departments of Geneva University Hospitals on his final dissertation. It was during this time that he was able to study and establish treatment protocols for the side effects associated with chemotherapy treatments (such as hand-foot syndrome and nail damage). His study was presented at the congress of the Swiss Society of Chiropodists and at the congress of the National Federation of Chiropodists in Paris, where he was awarded the Albert Cagnon prize.

Joint pathologies and sports-related trauma
His experience in the rheumatology and sports medicine department at the CHUV in Lausanne has enabled him to treat joint pathologies and sports-related trauma. Using a walking platform or on-board shoe sensors (baropodometry), he is able to study changes in pressure during the patient's activity. Following a clinical examination of the joints, muscles and posture, and an analysis of the patient's gait, Mr Droz-Bartholet uses a doctor's prescription to make the appropriate foot supports to correct the gait and relieve joint pain.

Follow-up care
Follow-up chiropody care by the podiatrist helps to prevent the appearance of corns, calluses, ingrown toenails and other shoe-related pain.

For at-risk feet (diabetic feet), regular follow-up is essential, to preserve the integrity of the foot and avoid any complications. A pair of plantar supports can be fitted to relieve areas of excess pressure and prevent the risk of plantar ulcers.

Mr Droz-Bartholet also makes :

  • silicone orthoses moulded onto the foot to protect painful areas or correct the position of the toes in the shoe (orthoplasties)
  • orthonyxies to correct nail curvature and prevent ingrown toenails
  • onychoplasty, which reconstructs a nail following various traumas and nail pathologies




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