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Maria Teresa Escudero Borja


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  • Ars Medica Centro Medico Manno

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Servizio di Fisioterapia
Via Grumo 16
6929 Gravesano


since 2008

In 2008, she learned Percutaneous Electrolysis (P.E.) and has since then also trained and specialised in Advanced Musculoskeletal Ultrasound for Physiotherapists. Subsequently, and still today, she regularly attends E.P. and Percutaneous Ultrasound-guided Neuromodulation refresher courses with Invasive Physiotherapy specialists Fermin Valera and Francisco Minaya.

since 2006

Becomes a Specialist in Invasive and Conservative Treatment of Myofascial Pain Syndrome from the hand of Orlando Mayoral Del Moral, international reference in "Dry Needling"(DN) -Travell&Simons School-. Over the years he has focused his specialist training in the field of Invasive Physiotherapy: advanced DN, "Spinal Segmental Sensitisation" and Acupuncture in Physiotherapy.

since 2001

Graduated in Physiotherapy from the University of Murcia in Spain in 2001.

Work Experience

since 2016

He began practising and disseminating E.P. in Ticino, a first for Switzerland, treating problems of musculo-skeletal origin on precise indications and in an Eco-Guided manner. The technique is now used in direct and close collaboration with the accredited doctors of the Ars Medica Clinic in Gravesano.

since 2015

He works at the Physiotherapy Service of the Ars Medica Clinic in Gravesano.

since 2002

He works as an independent physiotherapist in Spain, collaborating with several medical and physiotherapy practices.

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