Clinique de Genolier

Dr. med. Pierre-Jean Loup

Dentist specialising in periodontology


Work Experience

since 2010

Specialist in Periodontology, Genolier Dental Clinic

since 2009

Lecturer in the Division of Periodontology, University of Geneva

since 2003

Associate dentist in a private practice specialising in periodontology, Lausanne

2003 - 2009

Senior dental assistant in the Division of Oral Physiopathology and Periodontics (Prof. A. Mombelli)

1997 - 2003

Assistant dentist in the Division of Oral Physiopathology and Periodontics, Geneva

1998 - 2000

Assistant in private practice (part-time), general dentistry, Geneva


Internship at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dentistry in Philadelphia, USA


Since 2008, the Clinique Dentaire de Genolier has had its own dental laboratory, giving it greater autonomy in the manufacture of fixed and removable prostheses.
As early as 1997, the clinic was equipped with digital radiology, and in 2010 it added 3D cone beam radiology to its range of services.

At the Clinique Dentaire de Genolier, dental experts specialise in :

  • conservative care
  • endodontics
  • periodontology
  • pedodontics
  • hygiene and prevention
  • prosthetic rehabilitation
  • aesthetic treatments



Federal diploma as a dental practitioner specialising in periodontology (SSO/SSP)


Postgraduate certificate in periodontology, Section of Dental Medicine, University of Geneva


Doctorate in Dental Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva


Federal diploma in dentistry, University of Geneva

1993 - 1997

2nd year of medicine, 3rd, 4th and 5th years of dentistry in Geneva

1992 - 1993

1st year of medical school in Neuchâtel


  • Member of the SSO-Vaud (SVMD)
  • Specialist member SSP

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