Clinique de Valère

Dr. med. Claire Savioz-Leissing

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Av. Général Guisan 30A
3960 Sierre

Doctors with this specialisation

Hôpital de la Providence

Dr. med. Jérôme Holveck

Orthopaedic surgery, Shoulder surgery, Hallux valgus
Privatklinik Obach

Dr. med. Andreas von Roll

Orthopaedic surgery, Knee surgery, Hip surgery, Sports medicine View more
Privatklinik Lindberg

Dr. med. Georg Klammer

Foot/ankle surgery, Orthopaedic surgery
Privatklinik Siloah

Dr. med. Haris Vasileiadis

Sports medicine, Orthopaedic surgery, Knee surgery, Osteoarthritis of the knee, Knee arthroscopy, Knee prosthesis, Meniscus tear, Cruciate ligament tear, Cartilage damage, Densitometry View more
Privatklinik Bethanien

Dr. med. Philipp Frey

Orthopaedic surgery, Shoulder surgery, Frozen shoulder, Calcific tendonitis of the shoulder, Rotator cuff rupture, Osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint, Shoulder impingement, Shoulder dislocation, Shoulder prosthesis View more
Clinique Montbrillant

Dr. med. Pierre-François Blaser

Orthopaedic surgery, Hip surgery, Knee surgery, Shoulder surgery View more