Clinica Sant'Anna

Dr. med. Pietro Schianchi

Specialist in Neurosurgery, FMH member
Interventional Pain Therapy SSIPM
Fellow Interventional Pain Practice FIPP
Expert Protection Ragg

Areas of specialisation (2)

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Hospital (1)
Via Fogazzaro 3
6900 Lugano

Work Experience

since 2005

Pain therapy activity in his own practice in Lugano and in the S. Anna Lugano-Sorengo Clinic. Scientifically active with lectures, readings and publications.

1989 - 2005

Spinal neurosurgery with consultative activity in his own practice in Lugano and operative in the clinics Ars Medica Lugano-Gravesano and S. Anna Lugano-Sorengo


Swiss Medical Society (FMH)
Swiss Neurosurgical and Neurological Societies(SNG)
Union of Swiss Societies of Vascular Diseases(USGG)
Swiss Society for the Study of Pain(SGSS)
Swiss Society for Interventional Pain Medicine(SSIPM)
World Institute of Pain(WIP)
German Spinal Column Society(DWG)


Neurosurgery ( University of Zurich, Oxford and Glasgow )
Neurology and Neuroradiology ( University of Bern )
Neuropathology ( Oxford University )
Pain Therapy ( University of Budapest )

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