Clinique Générale Ste-Anne

Dr. med. Grégoire Schrago

Specialist in general internal medicine, member of the FMH

Areas of specialisation (2)


  • Cardiology (stress tests / diagnosis of arrhythmias + cardioversions) & Pacemakers
  • Specialist Consilium / Teaching / Health Management / Organisations
  • Emergency Medicine (SSMUS/SGNOR) (ATLS / ACLS Instructor)
  • Ultrasound (SSUM/SGUM tutor) focus: vascular / phlebology
  • Check-up: referral doctor for the Genolier SA Group
  • Haematology: diagnostics / Travel medicine: advice and vaccinations
  • Swiss reference doctor for iron
  • Sports medicine / biomechanics


  • Swiss Society of Internal Medicine (SSMI)
  • Swiss Society of Cardiology (SSC)
  • European Society for Cardiology
  • European Heart Rythm Association
  • European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging
  • European Association for Cardovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation American College of Physician
  • Swiss Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (SSUM)
  • Swiss Society for Emergency and Rescue Medicine (SSMUS)
  • Swiss Society of Aviation Medicine (SSAVmed) (President)
  • Swiss Society of Sports Medicine (SSMS)
  • Swiss Society of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology (SSMTP)
  • European College of Sport Sciences
  • MBA Alumni Lausanne and Medalumni Fribourg (Editor of the Gazette)
  • Aero-Club of Switzerland (AeroExpert and Swiss Delegate)
  • FAI International Medical-Physiological Commission (CIMP FAI)
  • Cantonal Commission for Sport and Physical Education (CCSEP)


2011 - 2012

Executive MBA HcM at UNIL / ESSEC Paris La Défense

2010 - 2011

Aeromedical examiner training in Frankfurt (Lufthansa) / Cologne (European Aerospace Centre) / Dübendorf


Cardiac pacing examination passed by the European Heart Rhythm Association / European Society of Cardiology


Tutor training, SSUM/SGUM, Triemli Hospital (ZH)

2003 - 2010

ATLS Instructor in University Hospitals

2006 - 2008

Emergency ultrasound (FAST / PREP), Echocardiography at Prof. Bourgeois (Nîmes/France)

1999 - 2003

Cardiology: CoP for pacemakers and stress tests (Hôpital Cantonal Fribourg, Paris, Nice)

1998 - 2000

Ultrasound scans by Dr. Bastid / Prof. Sahel (University Hospital Ste Marguerite in Marseille)

1996 - 1998
  • Angiology with Prof. Bounameaux (Geneva University Hospitals)
  • Ultrasound with Dr Schoenenberg (Geneva University Hospitals)
  • Biostatistics with Mme Mermillod (Geneva University Hospitals)
  • CAT in Sports Medicine (Geneva University Hospitals)

Doctoral thesis, SSMS Swiss Scientific Prize 1997 offered by NOVARTIS: «Sport d’Elite et anémie; nécessité d’une prophylaxie martiale ?» ("Elite sport and anaemia; the need for martial prophylaxis" (Geneva University Hospitals)


Practical microsurgery course at Dr. Della Santa (HUG)


Medical degree (Geneva University Hospitals)

1990 - 1992

Tropical Medicine: 2 years' pre-graduate theoretical and practical training with annual examinations at Prof. A. Rougemont (HCUG), followed by 2 months' practical training in Senegal.

Work Experience

since 2013

Consultant doctor for ultrasound scans at the CMCB Payerne

since 2003
  • Independent and accredited doctor at Clinique Générale Ste-Anne
  • Medical-Surgical Team: Emergencies, Specialist Consilium
  • Check-ups, cardiology, pacemakers, ultrasound, angiology
1998 - 2010

Consultant sports doctor at the Hôpital Cantonal de Fribourg (FR): elective sports tests

1998 - 2003

Head of Clinic, Hôpital Cantonal de Fribourg (FR) Internal medicine, emergencies and intensive care, haemato-oncology, cardiology-pacemakers, senior physician Prof. C. Régamey

1995 - 1998

Assistant doctor at Geneva University Hospitals Internal medicine, cardiomobile, emergencies DUMC, angiology, intensive care, rheumatology, neurology, haemato-oncology, emergencies Clinique de l'Arve, rehabilitation Hôpital de Loex, senior consultant F. Waldvogel

1994 - 1995

Assistant doctor at Geneva University Hospitals Polysurgery, DUM emergencies, senior doctors Prof. A. Rohner / Prof. A. Marti

1992 - 1994

Assistant doctor at the Geneva University Hospitals Haemato-Oncology, senior physicians P.-A. Miescher / Prof. B. Chappuis


since 2013

Lecturer in the Faculty of Science/Medicine at the University of Fribourg

2013 - 2014

ACLS and ACLS instructor in Lausanne (Emergency Training Center / centre accredited by the American Heart Association)


ExecutiveMBA HcM diploma thesis (UNIL 30.10.2012): "Manage your Health in 6 D Universum".

International Report of Masters Ability Survey (IRMAS 2010) (electronic platform for medical studies in 5 languages)

Abstract IRMAS 2011 (ECSS annual congress in Liverpool) MEDISCOPE brochure (specialist consensus p.19): «Quand administrer le Fer en injection ou en perfusion» ("When to administer iron by injection or infusion").

Swiss Medical Journal (2006): «Sport et Fer en 2006»  ("Sport and iron in 2006").

Abstract: «Emploi du DMSA (Chemet), un nouveau chélateur PO, dans les intoxications chroniques au plomb». "(Use of DMSA (Chemet), a new PO chelator, in chronic lead poisoning"). 

Revue Suisse de Médecine et de Traumatologie du Sport (3/97) «Sport d’élite et anémie : nécessité d’une prophylaxie martiale ?» ("Elite sport and anaemia: need for martial prophylaxis?").

Article Médecine & Hygiène (30.7.97) "L'anémie du sportif d'élite: de la fourchette au chrono! ( "Anemia in elite athletes: from fork to stopwatch!")

Doctoral thesis (HUG) «Sport d’élite et anémie : nécessité d’une prophylaxie martiale ?» ("Elite sport and anaemia: the need for martial prophylaxis")  (SSMS-Novartis Scientific Prize 1997)  

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